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45<span style="color:#ffffff;">ok kham canal. Phan Thai Norasing&#39;s shrine This shrine is located at the mouth of Khok Kham canal, Phanthai Norasing, Muang Samut Sakorn, Samut Sakorn. It is believed to be the oldest original point of Phan Thai Norasing&#39;s execution. For the shrine, it was an eyes-level height shrine that contained the head of Phan Thai Norasing and the figurehead of the Ekkachai barge together. As time goes by, the original shrine was scoured and destroyed by water. In 1950, however, the new shrine was constructed by His Royal Highness Prince Panuphun Yukhon from filming a movie in the same year. The new shrine is also eyes-level height and has 6 legs. Additionally, there is a statue of Phan Thai Norasing which is made up of sandalwood. The front of Phan Thai Norasing&#39;s shrine (Khok Kham canal) The eye-level height shrine believed to formerly contain the head of Phan Thai Norasing and the damaged figurehead of the barge The sandalwood statue of Phan Thai Nora
46 sing in the shrine The damaged figurehead of Ekkachai royal barge Phan Thai Norasing Historical Park the location of this historic park is Bhan Phanthai, Phanthai Norasing, Muang Samut Sakorn, Samut Sakorn. It is also believed to be an original point of Phan Thai Norasing&#39;s execution as the damaged 80-centimetres wood believed to be the figurehead and a stick were found by the Fine Arts Department and teachers of Suankularb Wittayalai School. Through scientific examination, these woods were in the same period as Phan Thai Norasing. So, the stick was hypothesized to be scaffold of Phan Thai Norasing&#39;s execution. This place was registered as a national historic site by the Fine Arts Department published in Government Gazette Volume 53, page 1533 on 27 September 1936. and the new shrine was reconstructed by Fine Art Department at 4 January 1995. In the shrine, the real-size statue is created and established in 1976. The pose of a real-size statue of Phan Thai Norasing is steeri
47 ng a barge. Moreover, people usually come to the shrine to worship his shrine for fortune and wishes, According to historic records, Sing loves Thai boxing and cock fighting thus, people commonly worship Phan Thai Norasing&#39;s shine with cock statuettes, boxing glove and paddle. There is also a 300-years old barge presumed to be a ruin of a royal processor or an army dispatch. The dimensions of this barge are 19.47 meters by length, 2.09 meters by width, 1 meters by height, and 7.5-centimeters thick gunn</span><br />
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