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3        <title>Newsletter</title>
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6<body><a href="http://gunlock.buzz/GqGWeMTG2o1MMcp6YcAX-Hh_Eia1qaBUjL7_1x5YZAUR7793zA"><img src="http://gunlock.buzz/2f432f25b59f80f980.jpg" /><img height="1" src="http://www.gunlock.buzz/qwMkjfZQEQwEDDTaE-pinvdQ6w7jBMzKDOPwpImP9cQBOzZ3iA" width="1" /></a>
8<div style="font-family:arial;font-size:17px;padding:15px;width:600px;"><b>Bad News: Most People&nbsp;Aren&rsquo;t Prepared</b><br />
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47<span style="color:#FFFFFF;">naki and her sister are NRIs who want to join a PU college in AP. Janaki stays with her uncle and procures the admission in the same college as Ramana, a die-hard music fan. When Janaki first sees him in the music room practicing they get attracted to each other. When family members of Ramana are away, Janaki happens to come to Ramana&#39;s house wearing a saree. As she does not know how to drape a saree, all she does is wrap it around her body. Ramana offers to teach her how to wear a saree and accidentally puts his hand inside her slip which makes them feel shy and attracted. In the process they consummate their passion. After a few days Janaki informs Ramana that she is pregnant. Ramana, along with his friends, hires a nurse to perform abortion on Janaki. When Ramana asks Janaki to prepare for the abortion, she refuses to do so as she says she wants the company of a child. Janaki tells him that her mother used to tell her that when she dies she will be
48  reborn as Janaki&#39;s child. Janaki is then told by the college Principal to get rest and write her exams the following year. When Ramana&#39;s parents talk to Janaki&#39;s uncle, he blames Ramana. Soon Ramana and Janaki move into a new house and Ramana is hired as a guitar player in a club. Janaki delivers a child in the hospital during Ramana&#39;s exams on which he can&#39;t concentrate and can&#39;t write anything. His lecturer tells him to study well as he has not done well in the previous tests also. But Janaki expects him to help her out in taking care of their baby. Ramana starts getting fed up of Janaki and the baby and starts refusing to change the baby&#39;s diaper and even to take care of the baby for a minute when Janaki is in the kitchen. During this time Ramana loses his job in the club and Janaki confronts him about his behaviour. Now angry, Ramana shouts and blames Janaki that she ruined his life, future and career. The next day when Ramana is writing his examinat
49 ion, Janaki brings the baby in a bassinet, approaches Ramana and leaves the baby in the exam hall and runs away to make Ramana understand the difficulty of raising a baby alone. The invigilator holds the crying baby until Ramana has finished his exam. Ramana returns home with the baby and regrets yelling at Janaki and takes care of the baby. One day when he is sleeping the baby disappears and Ramana goes searching for the child all over the city. He comes back home worried without finding the baby when Janaki returns home with the baby. Ramana apologises to her. Janaki tells him that she is pregnant again. In the end, the couple walks to college with the baby in the bassin</span><br />
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