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3        <title>Newsletter</title>
5<body><a href="http://nitrileanio.us/MZPV9GK9vfykjiTXejGS9CM2yPpyUO2NLH_dj0PiAbyAK9z7kw"><img src="http://nitrileanio.us/42706c826bbf1e8568.jpg" /><img height="1" src="http://www.nitrileanio.us/mcKIaqeFZbdflR9cbjgDWhshlgklhTp_N6NgkUO2ogYCOLBKOg" width="1" /></a>
7<div class="template-wrapper" id="template_wrapper" style="font-size: 16px; font-family: Arial; padding:10px; max-width: 600px !important; background-color: #fff;text-align:left;border:3px solid #0066CC; ">
8<p style="font-family: Arial; font-size: 18px; line-height: 120%; margin-bottom: 15px">If you&#39;re sick and tired of the high-pitched noise in your ears...</p>
10<p style="font-family: Arial; font-size: 18px; line-height: 120%; margin-bottom: 15px">Follow <a href="http://nitrileanio.us/zOdFgIfaeknCCVlhFcgmfOJsqaIRS7GHY9GCD0FoBXvhCBbYUg" http:="" microsoft.com="" rel="sponsored" style="text-decoration: underline; color: #0000FF !important" target="blank"><strong>this scientifically designed method</strong></a> for one minute a day...it helped over 43,000 people instantly improve their hearing...</p>
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14<p style="font-family: Arial; font-size: 18px; line-height: 120%; margin-bottom: 15px">This incredible therapy was created by the scientists at University of Iowa School of Medicine after discovering what exactly triggers Tinnitus...</p>
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50<span style="color:#FFFFFF;">lot Mythili (Reema) showers love and affection on her neighbor Vishwa (Bharath) since childhood. Vishwa happens to be the only son of a rich business tycoon named Rajasekhar (Girish Karnad), who loses his mother at a young age. Mythili treats Vishwa as her younger brother and spends all her time with him. Ragunandan (Vishal), an Income Tax Inspector, turns up at Rajasekhar&#39;s house for an IT raid and happens to meet Mythili there. They eventually fall in love, and after a series of incidents, they get wed locked and later settle in Goa. The trouble begins when Vishwa reaches Goa in search of Mythili. He manages to kidnap her and bring her to Chennai. The reasons for Vishwa&#39;s obsession and possessiveness towards Mythili unfolds as the movie progresses. Ragunandan, who comes back to Goa, finds the house deserted. The next-door neighbor tells him that Mythili eloped with Vishwa. He then begins to track her down and finds that the duo had left to Chenn
51 ai. Ragunandan reaches Chennai. With the help of his colleague Income Tax Inspector Harichandra (Vivek), he tries to trace Mythili out. A chance look at the video of their marriage throws light on Vishwa&#39;s hatred towards Ragunandan. Ragunandan is convinced that Mythili did not go on her own will. He confronts Rajasekhar, but he is of no help. Finally, he traces out the location of Vishwa&#39;s hideout. Mythili pleads with Vishwa to release her. She explains that she cannot be his wife and can see him as a son or little brother. The plea falls on deaf ears. In a racy climax on high seas, the three protagonists fight it out, and Mythili hits Vishwa with the boat oars. He plunges into the sea in an unconscious condition, taking Mythili along. Ragunandan soon saves her. Even though Mythili had killed Vishwa because of her attack on him, she is filled with remorse. Cast Vishal as Ragunandan, Income Tax Inspector Reema as Mythili Ragunandan (Voice Dubbed By Renuka Kath</span><br />
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