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34<span style="color:#FFFFFF;">he principal of Sridar&#39;s college appoints a student-cum-coach called Reshma, for the football team led by Sridhar. Sridhar tries his best to trace Preeti by visiting several women&#39;s colleges, while Preeti also watches for Sridhar at the men&#39;s college. Accidentally, Preeti helps Sridhar&#39;s mother, when she has a heart attack. In order to find Preeti at any cost, Sridhar goes to the LB Stadium, where a cricket match is in progress and gets injuries in a bomb blast in the stadium. Just before the blast, both Preeti and Sridhar find each other but could not meet due to the blast. Later Preeti&#39;s parents convince her to agree for a marriage and tell her to forget about the boy she was searching. At the same time, Sridhar&#39;s mother also tells him to concentrate on studies and go abroad to complete his studies. At this juncture, Sridhar learns that Preeti was staying just behind his house, when her parents come to his house to inform that sh
35 e is getting married. Sridhar&#39;s gang participates in an inter-college football match and wins the cup.Sridhar&#39;s mother suffers yet another heart attack and Preeti&#39;s father admits her in the hospital. Then they come to know that Sridhar&#39;s brother-in-law was behind bars for no fault of his. Preeti learns about Sridhar&#39;s brother-in-law and asks her brother to help. Kumar and his men raid the godowns of the contractor involved, and find waste quality materials in his stock. This saves Sridhar&#39;s brother-in-law and he is released. Meanwhile, Sridhar&#39;s mother passes away. Later Sridhar&#39;s brother-in-law is posted to another city and he leaves with his wife and son. Sridhar feels lonely so, he decides to emigrate. He departs suddenly without informing his friends. Three years later, Sridhar and Preeti meet at same train, while Preeti is coming with her new born nephew, Sridhar is going home with his friend Priyanka. Priyanka reveals to Preeti that she is tryin
36 g to get Sridhar to marry her. Sridhar gets down to fetch water, and misses the train. But he finds Preeti waiting and they reveal their love to one another, and become a coupl</span><br />
37<br />
38<br />