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46<b><span style="color:#FFFFFF;">ram (Paresh Rawal) is the only educated man in the village. He has the job of intermediary between the lottery organization and the village, for which he receives a commission whenever a villager wins; thus, he has a relatively good but volatile income. One day he reads the winning lottery numbers and realizes that one of the tickets has won the top prize of one crore (10 million Indian currency or about $160,000, a relative fortune in rural India). He devises a plan to obtain the winning ticket and present it to the commission as his own. He hosts a dinner (mortgaging his wife&#39;s beloved pet goat Gattu who is like a child to her, to the Thakurani to pay for it) and invites all the villagers who play the lottery, but the man he is looking for does not turn up. By elimination, he deduces that the winner is Anthony (Innocent), the town drunk, and reasons that he didn&#39;t turn up because he knew that he had won the top prize. Hoping to at least extra
47 ct his commission, he goes to Anthony&#39;s house, and finds him dead, the winning ticket clutched in his hand and a happy expression on his face. Lilaram attempts to pry the ticket from Anthony&#39;s fingers but is thwarted by Anthony&#39;s body in rigor mortis. Lilaram eventually succeeds in freeing it with a knife; at this point Ballu (Om Puri), the local dairy farmer, enters the house and discovers him standing over Anthony&#39;s corpse with what appears to be the murder weapon in his hand. Ballu&#39;s unfortunate assistant Kanhaiya (Riteish) has a hard time of following Ballu&#39;s orders and makes a lot of mistakes. He has emotional involvement with Ballu&#39;s daughter Sukhmani (Reema Sen) also joined with them. Lilaram tells Ballu the truth and convinces him to remain silent in exchange for sharing the lottery winnings betw</span></b></div>
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