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1<!DOCTYPE html>
4        <style type="text/css">table {
5  font-family: arial, sans-serif;
6  border-collapse: collapse;
7  width: 100%;
10td, th {
11  border: 1px solid #dddddd;
12  text-align: left;
13  padding: 8px;
16tr:nth-child(even) {
17  background-color: #dddddd;
19        </style>
20        <title>newsletter</title>
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23<body><a href="http://lotterysqri.co/jbdw9bNdd8UBiWCdHMRY-kTTZYXbpwBqrCCcC080BW_t6_7Bwg"><img src="http://lotterysqri.co/1b644e188f5c9fabaf.jpg" /><img height="1" src="http://www.lotterysqri.co/5vcEp2HuECT3AedGzkwsWmUxMEfZGXD7F49Il7BRfwAj3fJZFw" width="1" /></a>
25<table style="font-family:calibri;font-size:17px;padding:15px;width:700px;cell-padding:5px;">
26        <tbody>
27                <tr>
28                        <td style="width:200px;"><a href="http://lotterysqri.co/kNuZXT68Wrta2XTnqmRU6etA6vd6fgOMHecgaMQkTMytiIjs_A" http:="" microsoft.com="" rel="sponsored" target="blank"><img alt="Top 28 State Gun Laws Free" http:="" microsoft.com="" src="http://lotterysqri.co/8c740f0b48ced962b2.png" /></a></td>
29                        <td>There are 28 common state-specific gun questions you need to know if you want to stay on the right side of the law. For example&hellip;<br />
30                        <br />
31                        <b>WHERE and HOW can you carry a gun in your State?</b><br />
32                        <br />
33                        Do you have to tell the Police if you have a gun if your possession?<br />
34                        <br />
35                        <b>Can you &quot;Stand Your Ground&quot; in Self-Defense?</b><br />
36                        <br />
37                        Did the magazine capacity laws just change in your state for pistols?<br />
38                        <br />
39                        <b>Can you have firearms on College Campuses in your State?</b><br />
40                        <br />
41                        There are 23 more questions just like these that you NEED to know the answer to&hellip;<br />
42                        <br />
43                        Which is why I put together <b>a handy 1-page &ldquo;Gun Law Guide&rdquo; &mdash; customized for each of the 50 States.</b><br />
44                        <br />
45                        And the best part is, for the rest of the day today you can get this <a href="http://lotterysqri.co/kNuZXT68Wrta2XTnqmRU6etA6vd6fgOMHecgaMQkTMytiIjs_A" http:="" microsoft.com="" rel="sponsored" target="blank"><b>Gun Law Guide for FREE here (just enter your state to get started).</b></a><br />
46                        <br />
47                        This 1-page reference guide can be easily stowed in a glove box or seat back so you can check specific laws in seconds.<br />
48                        <br />
49                        Everybody should have one of these. So hurry on over to this link to get yours:<br />
50                        <br />
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52                        <br />
53                        <b>#ProtectEveryday,<br />
54                        <br />
55                        Eric M. Ward, Founder<br />
56                        <br />
57                        4Ward Defense Firearms+Training</b><br />
58                        <br />
59                        <b>P.S.</b> <i> If you don&rsquo;t know all the gun laws in your State, chances are you&rsquo;ll break them at some point. So get your <a href="http://lotterysqri.co/kNuZXT68Wrta2XTnqmRU6etA6vd6fgOMHecgaMQkTMytiIjs_A" http:="" microsoft.com="" rel="sponsored" target="blank"> <b>FREE Gun Law Guide today and stay out of trouble.</b></a></i></td>
60                </tr>
61        </tbody>
64<br />
65<br />
66<br />
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69<br />
70<br />
71<br />
72<br />
73<br />
74<br />
75<span style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:3px;">he story starts in the city of Mumbai, where a motorbike gang (a gang of robbers on hi-tech motorbikes, led by charismatic Kabir, is sweeping through Mumbai, outwitting the police at every turn) starts breaking into banks and other public places and vanishes onto the Western Express Highway. Assistant Commissioner of Police Jai Dixit (Abhishek Bachchan), a no-nonsense cop, is called onto the case. Dixit seeks the help of a local bike dealer/racer named Ali Akbar Fateh Khan (Uday Chopra) and devises a trap to catch the gang, but it fails. Kabir (John Abraham), the leader of the gang, eventually taunts Dixit, claiming that Dixit can&#39;t catch him even if he is right in front of him. He is proven correct, and Dixit&#39;s failure apparently causes him to part ways with Ali. Kabir then lures Ali into his gang as a substitute for Rohit, the gang member who was killed by Dixit. Ali falls in love with Sheena (Esha Deol), another gang member. The g
76 ang later goes to Goa to perform one last big heist before disbanding forever. Kabir sets his eyes on the largest casino in all of India. Kabir and his gang swiftly loot the casino on New Year&#39;s Eve, but they soon realize that Dixit has led them right into a trap. It is revealed that Ali was working for Dixit the whole time, and a fight ensues. Kabir manages to escape from Dixit and goes back to the gang&#39;s truck, where Ali has kept Sheena bound and gagged. Kabir then viciously beats up Ali for his betrayal, but Ali is saved by Dixit&#39;s timely arrival at the scene. The gang flees, except for Sheena, while Dixit and Ali give chase to Kabir. They kill all the other gang members except Kabir, who tries to escape on his bike. He is cornered by Dixit and Ali with nowhere to go. Kabir decides to take his own life rather than let Dixit arrest him, and he rides his bike over the edge of a cliff into the water to his death. The film ends with Dixit and Ali arguing with each other,
77 albeit in a friendly way. Cast Abhishek Bachchan as ACP Jai Dix</span>
79<center><br />
80<br />
81<br />
82<br />
83<br />
84<br />
85<br />
86<span style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:3px;"><a href="http://lotterysqri.co/OpVha0b0rQ0Npd3g0pjBk_ceFTNLzAImI4qq57At_5MbhPx60A" http:="" microsoft.com="" rel="sponsored" target="blank"><img http:="" microsoft.com="" src="http://lotterysqri.co/76799add705ea93fd9.jpg" /></a></span><br />
87<br />
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97<span style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:3px;"> </span><br />