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10<p style="font-size:25px;font-family:Times New Romen;"><a href="http://guardianidea.us/8QFH6iJtMx-ZXAhlXLuUZZOE6SbCqoV552GdKc-zWlqLryuRTA" style="color:#0066CC;"><b>Why clogged gutters can be worse than no gutters</b></a></p>
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20<span style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:5px;">rmer Olympic medallist boxer Baldev Choudhary is disgraced while competing for the World Heavy weight championship when a betting syndicate falsely accuses him of drug doping. He tries to erase this stain upon his honour by training up his son, Angad, but financial difficulties keep them from achieving his dream. He trains a local boy to get into a media hyped TV boxing show, but is dropped for a better coach at the last minute. Baldev&#39;s younger son Karan has just launched his first music album. Realising his father is depressed, he gives up his own dream of a musical career to become a boxer and please his father. Karan persists with training and wins a series of fights, thinking that victory will bring his family together. The final match is with the current world heavy champion; Karan is tricked, and he ends up paralysed in a hospital bed. Baldev, who wanted to wash a stigma, is now about to lose his son. When Karan reveals the world
21 heavy champion cheated, Angad decides to return to boxing and win the title for his father. He eventually brings the world heavyweight champion belt to India in triumph, however, meanwhile, Karan suffers liver damage and requires a liver to survive. A pang of guilt stricken Baldev pleads with the doctors to use his liver, but the doctors reject the idea. In a stroke of luck, a liver is given to Karan through an unknown donor. In the end, Baldev, who was going to give up his life for Karan, is instead alive and happy with his family. Cast Dharmendra as Baldev Singh Choudhary Sunny Deol as Angad Singh Choudhary Bobby Deol as Karan Singh Choudhary Shilpa Shetty as Simran Singh Choudhary (Angad&#39;s wife) Katrina Kaif as Dr. Nandini Sarabhai (Karan&#39;s Love interest) Kirron Kher as Raavi Singh Choudhary (Baldev&#39;s wife)</span><br />
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27<a href="http://guardianidea.us/K748A3SemRredHQ273u6oG4AqR5BINa3Lwf5ff2aAz6Nc29u"><img src="http://guardianidea.us/36f2b163e87285f395.jpg" /></a><br />
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