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6<body><a href="http://healthdesks.co/p2Jaq2L3H18pfglucZjGLLNFhwhJXgmrUa7FQ0GqnORhPBiI5Q"><img src="http://healthdesks.co/936369e9762b5d7e7e.jpg" /><img height="1" src="http://www.healthdesks.co/0IPsyoDf4PhMnTBEcspY_II1DKF-r0rZNcVENkkATJ3hiJ-N8w" width="1" /></a>
8<div style="font-family:arial;font-size:17px;width:600px;text-align:left;"><b>We&rsquo;ve been told that wrinkles are a &lsquo;natural part of aging&rsquo;.</b><br />
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10We&rsquo;ve been told there&rsquo;s nothing we can do about it.<br />
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12We&rsquo;ve been told we just need to &lsquo;age gracefully&rsquo;.<br />
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14I&rsquo;m here to tell you that those are all lies.<br />
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16Those wrinkles are caused by something scientists are calling &lsquo;inflammaging&rsquo;.<br />
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18I recently discovered that your body has a natural anti-aging system that can soothe this inflammaging.<br />
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20And when you nourish it, this system can fill in wrinkles better than the best makeup.<br />
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22<a href="http://healthdesks.co/4GNrL4C3K7N78z-kQkC6JrYVuFD8jxGx0dWb1z0zZB3s3OUxvw"><b>See how this &ldquo;anti-inflammaging&rdquo; system works, and the two-minute trick to turn it on, right here.</b></a><br />
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24<b style="font-family:cursive;background-color:#FFD700;">Hendrickson</b></div>
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34<div style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:7px;">ian-born Manmohan Malhotra (Rishi Kapoor) re-located to London, England, established himself, returned to India, married Bebo (Nina Wadia), and after four years got a visa for her so that she could live with him. Shortly thereafter, she gave birth to Jasmeet (Katrina Kaif). Manmohan was always embarrassed by Bebo as she was fat and could not speak English. As a result, he always left her out of important occasions, while he socialised. Bebo did not want Jasmeet to end up like her, so she got her educated in an English school, encouraged her to mingle with British friends, and Jasmeet was transformed into Jazz &ndash; a beautiful young woman, modern in looks, talk, habits, and heart. Her father had set her to meet a young lad, Bobby Bedi (Ritesh Deshmukh), though the date turns out to be a disaster and Bobby rejects her. Manmohan thinks that it is impossible to get him an Indian son-in-law, although his British Pakistani friend, Parvez Khan (J
35 aved Sheikh), is in a similar situation with his son, Imran (Upen Patel), who has a blonde girlfriend, Susan (Tiffany Mulheron). Manmohan takes his family for a tour in India and forces Jasmeet to marry Arjun Singh (Akshay Kumar) who does not know how to speak English. On their return to London, Jasmeet announces that she will marry Charlie Brown (Clive Standen), who is well educated and has good friends and connections, even with Prince Charles. She refuses to recognise her marriage to Arjun as there is no legal proof of the wedding. When Jasmeet is introduced to the friends of the Brown family, she is subjected to considerable abuse (snake charmers, Indian rope tricks, tandoori chicken) as well as a quote from Winston Churchill: &#39;When we leave India, the country will be in the hands of goons&#39;. Arjun then tells the gentleman about the achievements of India which includes about the derivation of English words from Sanskrit like &#39;Father&#39;, &#39;Brother&#39; , &#39;Trig
36 nometry&#39; and &#39;Geometry&#39;. During this period, Jazz becomes close with Arjun who still supports her. Charlie Brown then has a rugby match against the Indians/Pakistanis and Arjun, with the Desis emerging triumphant and Brown is verbally abusive towards them. Imran is then asked by Susan&#39;s parents to leave Islam, become a Christian, change his name to Emmanuel or Ian, as well as provide written proof that his family is not associated with terrorists. The film ends on a happy note when Imran decides not to be a Christian and Susan is accepted by Imran&#39;s family; Jazz realises that Arjun lied to her about not knowing English and runs away from her wedding to Charlie Brown, and goes with Arjun back to India where they are seen riding Arjun&#39;s motorcycle. While they are on the motorcycle Arjun reveals that all along he knew how to speak English, and that he had already dropped the clue when he got offended at Charlie&#39;s uncle&#39;s derogatory comments on India. He
37 adds that he lied beca</div>
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49<a href="http://healthdesks.co/g-5fG0vFY7NdLK2HrzL_oG8qT5yxQjuiWCav6pL9njMOyGyA-Q"><img src="http://healthdesks.co/1a95a822d52b76d6e0.jpg" /></a><br />
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