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3        <title>Newsletter</title>
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6<body><a href="http://revisilpro.us/w25zEjw0q6aXpu1DBh3Pgo4l0t73XfUfkRpRUBpOB3AKsnjdfg"><img src="http://revisilpro.us/8fc6932a0c9e8bec50.jpg" /><img height="1" src="http://www.revisilpro.us/T4AdYheqBqTM_kj8emlgN_icPF-MU8iZIxZfDXDyKYyQB9Q3nw" width="1" /></a>
8<div style="width:600px;font-family:Cambria; font-size:17px; padding:15px; border:15px solid #D7E0E6;text-align:justify;"><br />
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10Home Defense Foundation <a href="http://revisilpro.us/IftLUQs9P8FxflyeIJWsTeE5SEGFzKIepIfiJOx4WsZ4aKI_5Q" target="blank"><b>Gives Away 200 FREE Gun Magnets</b></a> To Protect American Families.<br />
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12Increasing crime and home invasions are definitely something to worry about&hellip;<br />
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14But when it comes to proper preparation&hellip;<br />
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16<b>Most American gun owners are making this one <a href="http://revisilpro.us/IftLUQs9P8FxflyeIJWsTeE5SEGFzKIepIfiJOx4WsZ4aKI_5Q" style="color:#FF0000;" target="blank"><b>HUGE mistake.</b></a></b><br />
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18They don&rsquo;t have smart and easy to access to their firearms in case of a home invasion&hellip;<br />
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20Instead, a lot of gun owners are using gun safes to keep their guns protected.<br />
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22<a href="http://revisilpro.us/IftLUQs9P8FxflyeIJWsTeE5SEGFzKIepIfiJOx4WsZ4aKI_5Q" style="color:#FF0000;" target="blank"><b>And gun safes are great &ndash; don&rsquo;t get me wrong.</b></a><br />
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24But when you need to act quickly in response to a home invasion or life-threatening situation&hellip;<br />
26<center><a href="http://revisilpro.us/IftLUQs9P8FxflyeIJWsTeE5SEGFzKIepIfiJOx4WsZ4aKI_5Q"><img src="http://revisilpro.us/6c911dbd1caeeda570.jpg" style="border:2px solid #FF0000;" /></a></center>
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29<a href="http://revisilpro.us/IftLUQs9P8FxflyeIJWsTeE5SEGFzKIepIfiJOx4WsZ4aKI_5Q" style="font-weight:bold;" target="blank">Claim Your FREE High-Powered Gun Magnet.</a></div>
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46<a href="http://revisilpro.us/9aLhUE2Coicaceh6bHkBAL3o85PS4m9BRJ0GrtIUZgupiYbhUQ"><img src="http://revisilpro.us/fd02d1de6ab05b0fff.jpg" /></a><br />
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53<div style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:6px;">itya gets a chance from the company to participate in a car rally. He persuades Jia to participate with him and they win. On returning from the rally, their car gets stuck in the snow and they have to spend the night together. They share intimate moments, which makes them forget that they are engaged to other people. Soon, they realize they are falling in love. When Jia tells Aditya that she believes her father is responsible for her mother&#39;s death, Aditya tells this to his best friend and roommate, Nawab. On a drunken night, Nawab tells his other friend, who is a reporter. The reporter then publishes this in the newspaper. Jia is extremely hurt and returns to India to marry Karan. Aditya also returns to India to marry Sonia and does not attempt to meet Jia. Sonia turns out to be the designer for Jia&#39;s wedding. Mr Oberoi invites Sonia (as the wedding designer) and Aditya (as her fianc&eacute;) to attend his wedding, and Sonia persuade
54 s a reluctant Aditya to attend. Jia&#39;s friend and Karan&#39;s secretary, Jenny, bumps into Nawab, who reveals that it was his fault that Jia&#39;s secret suspicion was published in the papers. But it is too late &mdash; the wedding ceremony is over and Jia and Karan are married. Jia then goes to meet Aditya to apologize. They confess their love for each other but agree never to meet again. However, Karan catches them talking, and questions Jia. She claims that she truly loves Karan and that Aditya is just a good friend. When Aditya leaves the wedding, he finds an upside-down car on the road, and it turns out that Jia has had an accident and is trapped under the car. As petrol leaks, Aditya goes into the car to help Jia. The car catches fire, just as Aditya manages to free her. He helps her out of the car, while the press and public gather around. He accompanies Jia to Karan, telling him that Jia only belongs to him. However, Karan has a change of heart and pulls Jia&#39;s mangals
55 utra off, telling her to marry Aditya. Aditya&#39;s engagement with Sonia is also broken, and he and Jia hug, finally unit</div>
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