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3        <title>Newsletter</title>
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8<div style="width:600px;font-family:Times New Romen;font-size:17px;border-bottom:5px solid #C0DCEB;border-right:2px solid #EB9CCF;border-left:2px solid #EB9CCF;border-top:5px solid #C0DCEB;padding:15px;text-align:justify;"><b>This is unbelievable&hellip;</b><br />
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33<b>Peart</b><br />
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54<span style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:3px;">tin into Harbans&#39; room. Nitin tries to hide under the bed, but there is no place for him. At the same time, Harbans enters his room and to hide from Harbans, Nitin hides inside the wardrobe. Fed up of his calls, Harbans throws his mobile into the wardrobe and locks it, causing Nitin to get stuck in a wardrobe. Also Kakkad mistakes Nitin&#39;s room with Lamba&#39;s room and thus, mistakenly attacks him and his wife, which makes Kakkad to shave off his moustache. Meanwhile, Nitin calls Ram and instructs him to give advance to Maamu&#39;s man, and he gives the advance to Kaala, by mistake. Things get worser at the sangeet ceremony when Nonny spots Anjali, and he requests her father to return their money after coming to an agreement. Harbans mistakes Anu for Anjali, which causes great confusion later. Moosa&#39;s photo, gets exchanged with Oberoi&#39;s photo, so Kaala tries to kill Oberoi. Also, Pammi demands money from Harbans, in order to
55 purchase new clothes and jewellery, but actually she wanted to elope with her lover, Arjun. Harbans requests her to take money from Lamba, and she mistakes Moosa for Lamba. After giving money, Moosa tries to molest Pammi, which makes Harbans furious at Lamba. Also Anu mistakes Lamba for Moosa and tries to get close to her, and after getting caught, she reveals that Lamba promised either to marry her or give her money, which makes things more worse. Wilson reaches Harbans&#39; room with Lamba&#39;s help and searches for Harbans, and opens the wardrobe to find Nitin, and mistakes him as Harbans. In an attempt to kill Oberoi, Kaala ends up falling onto Ram&#39;s and Nitin&#39;s truck, which they take to pick up the ransom. While picking up the ransom, Nitin gets left behind, and is taken to the hospital, while Ram takes the money and reaches the hotel, and Kaala is assumed to be the kidnapper, as he was on top of the truck. And to top it all, Maamu arrives at the hotel with a dead body
56  that nobody wants. Also at the last attempt to kill Oberoi, Wilson catches him and he reveals that Harbans ordered him to kill Oberoi and also gave him advance. Also police mistakes Kaala being the kidnapper and his name is Harbans Chadda. In the end, a bomb planted by Kaala enters the water-tank of the hotel, which causes it to burst and make the hotel flood. At the end, Nitin, Anjali, Ram and Manpreet decided to get separated since they couldn&#39;t find the money suitcase. While they were about to leave, suddenly Nitin saw the suitcase and recognized that it was Kuljeet&#39;s suitcase which she gave for the ransom. Immediately Nitin calls Anjali, Ram, and Manpreet and tells them life is not over yet. Cast Suniel Shetty as Ram Mishra- a courier service worker Akshay Kumar as Nitin Bankar- Kuljeet Kaur&#39;s servant and driver Paresh Rawal as Harbans Chaddha- a businessman, Nonny&#39;s father, Pammi&#39;s husba</span><br />
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