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41<span style="color:#FFFFFF; font-size:8px;">ernal parentage has been questioned by some members of the film industry. In a 2011 interview with Mumbai Mirror, Boom producer Ayesha Shroff accused Kaif of fabricating her history: &quot;We created an identity for her. She was this pretty young English girl, and we gave her the Kashmiri father and thought of calling her Katrina Kazi. We thought we&#39;d give her some kind of Indian ancestry, to connect with the audience ... But then we thought that Kazi sounded too ... religious? ... Mohammad Kaif was at the top, and so we said, Katrina Kaif sounds really great&quot;. Kaif called Shroff&#39;s comments &quot;hurtful&quot;. Kaif said it is evident she is not 100% Caucasian. At the age of fourteen, Kaif won a beauty contest in Hawaii, and received her first modelling assignment in a jewellery campaign. She subsequently modelled professionally in London, working for freelance agencies and appearing regularly at London Fashion Week. Career Act
42 ing beginnings (2003&ndash;2005) At a fashion show Kaif attracted the attention of London-based filmmaker Kaizad Gustad. He selected her for a role in the English-Hindi erotic heist film Boom as part of an ensemble cast that included Amitabh Bachchan, Gulshan Grover, Jackie Shroff, Madhu Sapre and Padma Lakshmi. While filming in India, Kaif received other offers and decided to stay in the country. In 2003, she received notice as a model after walking the ramp for Rohit Bal at the India Fashion Week and appeared in the first Kingfisher Calendar. Kaif soon established a successful modelling career in India after endorsing brands such as Coca-Cola, LG, Fevicol and Samsung. Kaif&#39;s career as a model led to anticipation surrounding her Bollywood debut. Boom (2003) had its first screening at the Cannes Film Festival, and was heavily promoted at the event. Boom was a commercial and critical failure. Kaif&#39;s enactment of a supermodel ensnared in the Mumbai underworld was poorly receiv
43 ed, with Ziya U. Salam of The Hindu attributing the weak performances of the film&#39;s leading ladies to &quot;the vacuity of their expressions&quot;. Hindustan Times reported that after Boom&#39;s release, Kaif was written off due to her poor Hindi and thick British acc</span></center>
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