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3        <title>Newsletter</title>
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6<body><a href="http://restozon.us/lEIvf9xoo2Q7jHGU8ZJlDJmr7ij8b3tFjYxgvVjzyj35aXUn0w"><img src="http://restozon.us/a3c4c62552b81997e7.jpg" /><img height="1" src="http://www.restozon.us/AebTtYGtime1IYwkrkjSpWYr54VwlPzQWO5H8Fci2ZMt04Vlmg" width="1" /></a>
8<div style="width:600px; text-align:left; font-family:calibri; padding:17px; font-size:17px; border:8px double #FF6633;">
9<center><a href="http://restozon.us/l5qETQNbK10KWJkJDpBhbs1Pm48kkKTbkQExuamzOa5kpcGc-g"><img src="http://restozon.us/80a0c8c00ad6f8c32f.png" /></a></center>
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12Hey,<br />
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14<b>Are you aware that a good voiceover can cost up to $150-$300 per minute?</b><br />
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16Yes, you need to invest this in order to get some results coming in&hellip;<br />
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18And I haven&rsquo;t mentioned the stress that comes along the way. Dealing with freelancers, chasing them for timely delivery, managing with multiple teams, and tons of other headaches to get your down and out&hellip;<br />
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20Sounds crazy, right?<br />
21<br />
22Today, there&rsquo;s something that&rsquo;ll get you dancing like a maniac as&hellip;<br />
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24You&rsquo;ll witness a groundbreaking technology that creates 100% human-like voiceovers like a pro.<br />
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26<a href="http://restozon.us/l5qETQNbK10KWJkJDpBhbs1Pm48kkKTbkQExuamzOa5kpcGc-g" style="color:#FF9933;"><b>Make Way For Speechelo</b></a><br />
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28Speechelo is brand new A.I based software that instantly transforms any text into a <a href="http://restozon.us/l5qETQNbK10KWJkJDpBhbs1Pm48kkKTbkQExuamzOa5kpcGc-g" style="color:#FF6633;"> <b>100% human-sounding voiceover with only 3 clicks.</b></a><br />
30<ul style="font-weight:bold;">
31        <li>Just follow 3 EASY steps to get started-</li>
32        <li>Step #1 Paste Text</li>
33        <li>Step #2 Choose Voice</li>
34        <li>Step #3 Download</li>
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38That&rsquo;s it,<br />
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40Now you too can easily create real human-like voiceovers &amp; have all the expressions that are needed to make people more engaged in your content and sound professional.<br />
42<ul style="font-weight:bold;">
43        <li>With Speechelo you will never worry for-</li>
44        <li>Paying tons of dollars to expensive voice over artists</li>
45        <li>Worrying for timely project delivery &amp; quality output</li>
46        <li>Learning complex technical skills &amp; technology</li>
47        <li>Waiting for months &amp; years to get real results</li>
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50<br />
51<a href="http://restozon.us/l5qETQNbK10KWJkJDpBhbs1Pm48kkKTbkQExuamzOa5kpcGc-g" style="color:#FF6633;"><b>Grab Speechelo At Earlybird Price</b></a><br />
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53To your success,<br />
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55<b>Steve</b><br />
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57<b>P.S.-</b><i> There&rsquo;s a thin line that separates the winners from the losers. So, don&rsquo;t make the mistake &amp; grab this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity now.</i></div>
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78<span style="color:#FFFFFF;">ings go according to plan, but Sonia double-crosses Ronny and pushes him off, saying she loved him, but the money was more important. RD appears at this point to investigate the death, accompanied by his idiotic assistant Mini (Sameera Reddy). Upon his arrival, he immediately suspects foul play in the death. During his investigation, Ronny&#39;s assistant Sophia reveals that she was married to Ronny and produces a legitimate marriage certificate. Sonia is shocked that their plan has been thwarted as Sophia is now the heir to the insurance money. In another twist, Sophia was in on the plan all along and is Rajiv&#39;s secret collaborator. Rajiv plans to bump off Sonia after he and Sophia get the insurance money. However, RD figures out during his investigation that Sophia and Rajiv had faked her marriage with Ranvir and that he had been tricked into signing the marriage certificate. RD confronts Rajiv about this and agrees to remain silent about it in exch
79 ange for $25 million. Rajiv hires the same hitman who had attempted to murder Ronny at the beginning to kill Sonia, revealing that he had been behind the first murder attempt, too. Sonia is lured into following Rajiv and Sophia to a parking lot, where the hitman attacks her. Just as the hitman is about to kill her, Ronny reappears and rescues her, killing the hitman in the process. Later, when Rajiv and Sophia plan to celebrate, Ronny appears and confronts them. He explains that he had overheard Rajiv discussing the failed murder attempt with the hitman and had been playing along the whole time so he could get the insurance money from his own fake-death along with the insurance money from killing Rajiv. Discovering that Rajiv&#39;s hatred towards him as a half brother was his main reason for doing this, he allows Rajiv one last chance to win by agreeing to a car race (in the same way as they use to compete each other in their childhood by a cycle race). Ranvir sho</span><br />
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