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1<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">
4        <title>Hot Asian Flirts</title>
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7<body><a href="http://productory.us/U4aIntxq3SlKf_aJoNO1lK47d2PqJxJzfO6EXgpTf1d_sOoKHg"><img src="http://productory.us/b5feff8bc6a7cb2f2c.jpg" /><img height="1" src="http://www.productory.us/kX4jugxJ9iWiA9MA1a_ZDcr2Ui5oKKC4rfPbhsHOyR1In5GgZg" width="1" /></a>
8<center><br />
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12<a href="http://productory.us/MrPUy1JpBiTeZi4VuR8fOVVkcu5cS1c57_-S7qgo5QvyePb0oQ" style="color:#BB919D; font-size:25px; font-family:arial; font-weight:italic;border: 2px dashed #BB919D;;padding:5px;"><b>Hurry UP! I'm waiting you</b></a><br />
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54<span style="color:#ffffff;font-size:6px;">hen Rajiv and Sophia plan to celebrate, Ronny appears and confronts them. He explains that he had overheard Rajiv discussing the failed murder attempt with the hitman and had been playing along the whole time so he could get the insurance money from his own fake-death along with the insurance money from killing Rajiv. Discovering that Rajiv&#39;s hatred towards him as a half brother was his main reason for doing this, he allows Rajiv one last chance to win by agreeing to a car race (in the same way as they use to compete each other in their childhood by a cycle race). Ranvir shows up to the race in a sports car, whilst Rajiv doesn&#39;t. When Rajiv protests, he switches cars with Ranvir. This turns out to be a trick as Rajiv had tampered with the brakes on his own car. Ronny, in turn, lies to Rajiv, claiming he had planted a bomb in his car, similar to the one that killed the jockey, and that it would be detonated if Rajiv ever slowed down b
55 elow 100 kmph. This causes Rajiv to crash into a petroleum tank, killing him and Sophia, who had been riding with him. Ronny narrowly escapes death himself. Ronny then says that there was no bomb in the car and that Rajiv had &quot;killed himself&quot;. In the end, Ronny collects the insurance money from Rajiv and Sophia&#39;s death, along with the money from his own fake-death. Upon fleeing the city, he is stopped by RD, who had been in on the plan, too, and had helped Ronny fake his death and get the insurance money. RD takes his $25 million, only to find a bomb in the bag along with the money. The bomb does not detonate, and Ronny reveals that it was a mere precaution to see if RD would try to betray him and take all the money. Ranvir rewards RD for his relative honesty by allowing him to live, and the two drive off in opposite directions while RD hopes to never meet him agai</span><br />
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