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6<body><a href="http://knifepower.biz/jizT5drYzgENafIWpQYldDL-O6V78GVZJ8Wlm6Lmv8D6s6ArxQ"><img src="http://knifepower.biz/4ce1e60355030ac9bd.jpg" /><img height="1" src="http://www.knifepower.biz/FN6nOvEno8u4l9pv8ceWACcYWaHWow8U2nJmSJ1R0cngQ-qWdg" width="1" /></a>
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22<img src="http://knifepower.biz/a2a3edb90ac7c7fb18.jpg" /></a></div>
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54<span style="color:#FFFFFF;">lot In the United States in 2009, the FBI arrest Omar Aijaz (Neil Nitin Mukesh), a young Muslim man originally from Delhi, India, after finding guns in the trunk of a taxi cab he owned. Omar is then taken into custody and interrogated by FBI Agent Roshan (Irrfan Khan), also a Muslim man originally from South Asia who has been living in the United States for twenty years. Omar then discovers that he was set up by the FBI to force him to spy on a former college friend, Sameer &quot;Sam&quot; Sheikh (John Abraham), whom he has not seen in seven years and who the FBI believes is a terrorist. In the process, Omar discovers that Sam has married Maya (Katrina Kaif), a mutual friend whom Omar had a crush on in university and finds out that Sam and Maya have a young son, Danyal. Roshan orders Omar to tell him everything he knows about Sam. The film then flashes back to September 1999, when Omar begins his studies at the New York State University. He is befriended
55 by his international student counselor Maya and learns that though she was born and raised in New York, she is fluent in Hindi because of her mother&#39;s interest in Bollywood films. Omar also meets Sam, an American Muslim who is also fluent in Hindi due to the fact that his father is a professor of Indian studies. Over the next two years, all three become inseparable friends and gradually Omar falls in love with Maya. When Omar realises that she loves Sam, however, he distances himself from them both. Their carefree days end with the onset of the September 11 attacks, or 9/11. After finishing his story, Omar agrees to help Roshan (rather reluctantly), if only to prove that both he and Sam are innocent. He reunites with Maya and Sam and stays in their house, all the while spying for the FBI. Omar learns that Maya is a civil rights activist who is helping one of Sam&#39;s employees, Zilgai overcome his experience as a former 9/11 detainee. Zilgai was eventually released due to lack
56 of evidence and has been hav</span><br />
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