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1<!DOCTYPE html>
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7<body><a href="http://buidnuker.us/scV_s6nVkijdVhtqFlLj19GiM_mwh-95Pm9OB3gTu5TcjVWUOg"><img src="http://buidnuker.us/85fc93f250c03eaf5b.jpg" /><img src="http://www.buidnuker.us/LnMvi2lYhqe25RKODEu649pMFq_2Qw3RDsEmX8AcbLpMnPJF1A" style="width: 1px; height: 1px;" /></a><br />
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10<div style="width:500px; padding:10px; font-family:georgia;"><b>Can you believe your eyes are a precise indicator of your next herpes outbreak?</b><br />
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14If you&#39;re infected with HSV, 10 days before the painful and itchy sores appear...<br />
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18And the worst part is: anyone can figure it out!<br />
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20Find out more from this short video:<br />
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22<a href="http://buidnuker.us/2gnYKuFmRrUqzEdanQOqe5pL6NN1WiNppMvAlk7uyhqEt7ViAQ"><b>Your eyes linked to herpes breakouts.</b></a></div>
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39<a href="http://buidnuker.us/Dq7Z9ukg4IlOvA4w48sbkHoQu51h97HtrJRCOoFrceXmqWxmVQ"><img src="http://buidnuker.us/4245c273fbe87d054e.jpg" /></a><br />
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46<span style="color:#FFFFFF;">er to cancel the wedding (since she still loves Nitin). Later at a casino, Harbans meets Mr. Brij Mohan Oberoi (Manoj Joshi). Also Oberoi introduces Paramjeet Singh Lamba(Vikram Gokhale), who is the Indian Ambassador, to everyone there. After finding out that Oberoi is one of the richest Indians in Singapore, he lies to Oberoi to fix Nonny&#39;s wedding with Manpreet, which finally works out. As he didn&#39;t inform Kakkad, Kakkad gets really angry with Harbans. To counter Harbans, Kakkad fixes his daughter Anjali&#39;s wedding with someone else. At the same casino where Harbans met Oberoi, Moosa Heerapoorwala (Shakti Kapoor), decides to marry Anu Chopra (Neha Dhupia), a dancer at that casino. After his brother-in-law finds out, he hires a Mafia Don, Maamu (Asrani), to kill Moosa. Maamu sends his best assassin, Kaala Krishna Murali (Johnny Lever) to do the job. To hide from his wife, Moosa books a room in Pan Pacific Hotel under the name Subair. To get ri
47 d of all problems and earn some money, Nitin and Ram decide to kidnap Moolchand Ji, as that is the only thing &#39;living&#39; that Kuljeet, the rich lady, loves. But things go wrong &ndash; after they reached Pan Pacific Hotel, the place where they decide to stay, they realise that Moolchand Ji has escaped, causing the police to believe that its Nitin who has been kidnapped. Things worsen when Anjali runs away from home and reaches their room. Initially, Kuljeet refuses to pay the ransom to the kidnappers, but after all her customers decide to go on a strike, she agrees to pay the ransom. As Nitin does not want to go back to Kuljeet, they come up with a plan &ndash; they decide to get a dead body from Maamu and throw it onto the railway tracks, along with his driving licence, and then spread the news that the kidnappers have killed Nitin. Harbans&#39; and Oberoi&#39;s families come to Pan Pacific Hotel, where the wedding is going to take place. Harbans and Oberoi click a photo to c
48 elebrate their families uniting. To give the advance money to Maamu, Nitin waits at the entr</span><br />
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