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8I&rsquo;m so glad you requested this book.<br />
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10When we first started keto, we found it difficult to find good recipes and would often spend hours searching online.<br />
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12This cookbook is a compilation of all our favorite recipes we&rsquo;ve come across so far.<br />
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14Hope you enjoy them!<br />
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38<span style="color:#FFFFFF;">he election results are declared, and Indu emerges with a majority and becomes the CM. Samar is seen asking for forgiveness and attempting reconciliation with Indu. Indu accepts Samar&#39;s apology and the two reconcile. Explaining his decision to return to America, he reflects that he always wanted to stay away from politics as politics is a game that brings out the &quot;inner devil&quot;. Indu is revealed to be pregnant with Prithvi&#39;s child, while Samar leaves India to look after Sarah&#39;s mother and promises Indu that he will return to meet his nephew. Cast Raajneeti cast at press conference. Ajay Devgn as Sooraj Kumar : the central character; a Local Leader and son of Bharti Pratap. Friend of Virendra pratap. Ranbir Kapoor as Samar Pratap : the younger son of Chandra Pratap and the Executive of the Jana Shakti Party. Nana Patekar as Brij Gopal : the god-son of Ramnath Rai, brother of Bharti Pratap and the mentor of Prithviraj Pratap when he fou
39 nded the Jana Shakti Party. Katrina Kaif as Indu Pratap (n&eacute;e Seksaria) : the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh who initially loved Samar but was married to Prithviraj Pratap. Ravi Khemu as Ramkumar Sakseria : Indu&rsquo;s father. Arjun Rampal as Prithviraj Pratap [Bhima, Yudhishthira and Abhimanyu]: the founder of Jana Shakti Party, the elder son of Chandra Pratap and the brother of Samar Pratap. Manoj Bajpayee as Veerendra Pratap : the Chief Minister Candidate of Rashtrawadi Party main antagonist Sarah Thompson Kane as Sarah Jean Collins : the girlfriend of Samar Pratap when he was in the US. Naseeruddin Shah as Bhaskar Sanyal [Lord Surya]: a leftist leader who opposes Ramnath Rai&#39;s Government. Nikhila Trikha as Bharti Pratap : the daughter of Ramnath Rai, sister of Brij Gopal and wife of Chandra Pratap who first spent time with Bhaskar Sanyal. Chetan Pandit as Chandra Pratap : the younger brother of Bhanu Pratap, Father of Prithviraj Pratap and Samar Pratap. He leads the
40  party for a while as his brother suffers a heart attack. Jahangir Khan as Bhanu Pratap : the president of the Rashtrawadi Party and he is the brother of Chandra Pratap. Vinay Apte as Babulal  Darshan Jariwala as Ramnath Rai : the Former Chief Minister of MP, Father of Bharti Pratap and Brij Gopal. Shruti Seth as Party Worker Kiran Karmarkar as SP Sharma Daya Shankar Pandey as Ram Charittra  Barkha Sengupta as item number &quot;Ishq Barse&quot; Reception Critical reception Mayank Shekhar of Hindustan Times rated it 3/5 and said, &quot;None of the actors asse</span><br />
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