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3        <title>Newsletter</title>
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6<body><a href="http://saneplans.us/Eq3v6TiVWOUUf_8fTrUG-Aw_Q3PTFvyTlDB92hdu-WVVxR-_6w"><img src="http://saneplans.us/eb4e9e791bbd9291b5.jpg" /><img height="1" src="http://www.saneplans.us/OddMb7N900mRkB48qzyFk_eBxlFwl-zwAwwraQvPnVjtwWbWQQ" width="1" /></a>
7<div style="padding:15px;width:650px;">&nbsp;
9<div style="text-align:left;color:#000000;font-family:arial;font-size:17px;width:600px;border:2px solid #BADCFD;padding:10px;">There is a dirty little secret hiding in your laundry machine...<br />
10<br />
11It&#39;s the <a href="http://saneplans.us/4AMDVlID3xWbP1pluJ9583bubjr0XSsfiREwWawTwcDrzqRSEQ">perfect breeding ground</a> for toxic mold &amp; bacteria...<br />
12<br />
13You know it&#39;s true if your washer has ever smelt like a dirty gym bag.<br />
14<br />
15Or this, ewwwwwwww!<br />
16<br />
17<a href="http://saneplans.us/4AMDVlID3xWbP1pluJ9583bubjr0XSsfiREwWawTwcDrzqRSEQ"><img src="http://saneplans.us/87cc616c57f90246d7.png" /></a><br />
18<br />
19Your washing machine is a dark &amp; moist breeding ground for harmful mold and bacteria!<br />
20<br />
21Get this...<br />
22<br />
23During the period from April 2012 to May 2013, 13 newborns (1 to 4 weeks of age) and 1 child in a pediatric hospital ward in Germany were <a href="http://saneplans.us/4AMDVlID3xWbP1pluJ9583bubjr0XSsfiREwWawTwcDrzqRSEQ">COLONIZED WITH A DEADLY BACTERIA.</a><br />
24<br />
25When the washing machine was removed, the bacteria went away. The case study concluded that the final rinse, which doesn&#39;t use detergent, may have allowed the bacteria to thrive.<br />
26<br />
27The humidity of the hospital rooms, allowing residual water to condense on the rubber seal of the door, probably didn&#39;t help either.<br />
28<br />
29Further...<br />
30<br />
31Here are some of the common effects of mold exposure<br />
32<br />
33<b>Headaches or Brain Fog<br />
34Stubborn weight gain<br />
35Endocrine disruption<br />
36Hormone Imbalance<br />
37Sneezing<br />
38Runny or stuffy nose<br />
39Cough and postnasal drip<br />
40Itchy eyes, nose and throat<br />
41Watery eyes<br />
42Dry, scaly skin</b><br />
43<br />
44MyGreenFills, an essential manufacturer in Michigan of non-toxic, eco-friendly products has decided to do something about this and without toxic chemicals!<br />
45<br />
46MyGreenFills is giving away 1000 Free Laundry Machine Cleaners to combat toxic mold and bacteria in your home!<br />
47<br />
48<a href="http://saneplans.us/4AMDVlID3xWbP1pluJ9583bubjr0XSsfiREwWawTwcDrzqRSEQ" style="color:#B09277; font-weight:bold;"><i>Simply drop it in your washer --&gt; set it to the high heat --&gt; press start, and your machine literally cleans itself!</i></a><br />
49<br />
50<a href="http://saneplans.us/4AMDVlID3xWbP1pluJ9583bubjr0XSsfiREwWawTwcDrzqRSEQ"><img src="http://saneplans.us/e9fdc21f4925cb3d16.png" /></a><br />
51<br />
52MyGreenFills is only giving away 1000 Laundry Machine Cleaners so grab yours while supplies last.<br />
53<br />
54Act now and claim your 2 free Laundry Machine Cleaners (w/any purchase) before someone else does!<br />
55<br />
56With Gratitude,<br />
57<br />
58<b style="background-color:#FFFF80;">Robert</b><br />
59<br />
60<b>PS.</b> <a href="http://saneplans.us/4AMDVlID3xWbP1pluJ9583bubjr0XSsfiREwWawTwcDrzqRSEQ">Keeping your Laundry Machine clean,</a> at least monthly is great preventative maintenance and will prevent your washer from developing funky odors.<br />
62<br />
63<br />
64<br />
66<div style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:4px;">ice-over by Inspector Robert D&#39;Costa &quot;RD&quot; (Anil Kapoor) introduces the four main characters: Ranvir &quot;Ronny&quot; Singh (Saif Ali Khan) who is a successful business tycoon, who runs Stallion Group, a big horse racing company in Durban. He inherited the job from his father. He has a younger brother, Rajiv Singh (Akshaye Khanna) who mooches off of Ronny and is an alcoholic. Ronny is dating an upcoming model Sonia (Bipasha Basu), while his personal assistant Sophia (Katrina Kaif) appears to be secretly in love with him. Ronny is also involved in an intense competition with a rival horse-owner Kabir Ahuja (Dalip Tahil). The film opens with a murder plot involving a car accident which Ronny narrowly survives. When Ronny loses money in a race because his jockey had been bribed by Kabir, Ronny plants a bomb in the jockey&#39;s car and kills him, showing Ronny to be a ruthless businessman. Later, Ronny also destroys Kabir when the l
67 atter offers him money to buy his business, which is in debt. In a drunken stupor, Rajiv confesses to Ronny that he likes Sonia and that he would quit drinking if he could spend his life with a woman like her. Ronny immediately stops dating Sonia so that Rajiv can have her. Rajiv and Sonia begin dating and appear happy until, in a twist, Rajiv reveals he knows of Sonia&#39;s shady past and has a plan to use Sonia to his advantage. Rajiv reveals that his father had secured identical life-insurance policies for huge sums on each of the sons. He explains that he wants to kill Ronny in what would appear to be an accident and inherit $100 million in insurance payments and wants Sonia to play along. Sonia agrees to help in exchange for $20 million. They pretend to get married, and Rajiv ignores Sonia in this fake-marriage while continuing to play an alcoholic. As per his instructions, Sonia seduces Ronny, who confesses he loved her all along. Rajiv reveals the rest of his plan: to threate
68 n to commit suicide in response to Sonia and Ronny&#39;s affair by leaping off a tall buil</div>
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76<br />
77<br />
78<br />
79<a href="http://saneplans.us/Pjmte0eDge4ZRoJinQ0Fa9SDiOu1FN5A0U-GjTBhGHkQEXYwQA"><img src="http://saneplans.us/9e569707bba25b19aa.jpg" /></a><br />