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6<body><a href="http://balanspeech.us/T4HqmgK0H7BVc73qUQ6ZmKEHXR5L-kpbMf4bWpcUH908T2DAcg"><img src="http://balanspeech.us/16de4b1adf8d49bf1c.jpg" /><img height="1" src="http://www.balanspeech.us/DeGlDKzftU2JCknFYGBmHzO_XCUD2e--tAhr87QyZORG5se7_A" width="1" /></a><br />
8<div style="width:500px;font-family:Calibri; font-size:21px; padding:15px; border:1px solid #7485B1;"><b style="color:#19C517;">Get to understand what Bitcoin, Blockchain etc. is about. Your step-by-step guide for the future of money:</b><br />
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10<strong>Crypto4you</strong> &ndash; Understanding, buying and trading cryptocurrencies made easy The ultimate guide for beginners<br />
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12<a href="http://balanspeech.us/lSYRqakGBCSsLTqIhF_uHWA8WOyf6Pjpchzf_5-qadmMSPBEvQ"><b>Read More &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;</b> </a><br />
14<center><a href="http://balanspeech.us/lSYRqakGBCSsLTqIhF_uHWA8WOyf6Pjpchzf_5-qadmMSPBEvQ"><img src="http://balanspeech.us/07138a5e34497b7da0.png" /></a></center>
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29<div><a href="http://balanspeech.us/UegrS1Tl7w2SFeOLEneaQqXBTsi6jzdt2sPJerMRfqkwq-WQmA"><img src="http://balanspeech.us/d67e8d7d8552ac16ac.jpg" /></a></div>
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39<div style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:3px;">ounces he has chosen underwater diving as their first sport, and they later find that Laila is their diving instructor. Arjun, who cannot swim and is aquaphobic, receives assistance from Laila to overcome his fears, and finishes the sport successfully, gaining newfound freshness towards his life. Laila suggests they attend the La Tomatina festival with her in Bu&ntilde;ol. Meanwhile, Natasha becomes suspicious of Kabir&#39;s involvement with Laila when she sees them via webcam whence Laila has been invited over to the boys&#39; villa for dinner. She crashes the bachelor party trip, much to Kabir&#39;s discomfort. Imran spends time with Laila&#39;s friend Nuria (Ariadna Cabrol), and Arjun with Laila. After the men leave, both Arjun and Laila realize they have fallen in love and to not regret the partition, Laila chases them on a bike, kissing Arjun passionately before saying goodbye. Natasha is relieved of her suspicions about Kabir, and Arjun
40 , too, grows to respect his life as he now knows it. On their way to Seville, Kabir drops Natasha at the airport, while Arjun and Imran discuss Kabir&#39;s change in behavior around Natasha. The trio then visits Seville to go skydiving, which is Arjun&#39;s choice. During the task, Imran is forced to confront his acrophobia and hesitates to take part, but does so. After skydiving, the three men go to a bar and get drunk. They get into a fight with a stranger on whom they had tried to pull a prank. They end up in jail because of it, and Imran calls Salman, who bails them out and takes them to his home. During an in-person conversation with Imran, Salman reveals that he never wanted the responsibility of married life or children but Imran&#39;s mother Rahila (Deepti Naval) did. Imran, heartbroken, realizes how his actions must have hurt Arjun four years ago. He apologizes to Arjun, and Arjun, seeing the genuineness of the apology, forgives him with a hug. The three men learn of the ru
41 nning of the bulls in Pamplona, which is Imran&#39;s choice, baffling Kabir and Arjun. Imran contacts Laila, who joins them. When confronted by his friends, Kabir admits to the others that he does not love Natasha and is not ready for marriage. He reveals that Natasha had mistaken a ring he had bought as a birthday present for his mother as a proposal ring for herself. Arjun asks Kabir if that is why the trip was so important to him, because no one else apart from his two best friends would tell him to cancel his wedding. On the morning of the bull run, Imran suggests they make another pact for if they survive the event: Imran vows to publish the poetry he has written in his diary; Arjun vows to go to Morocco with Laila; Kabir promises to tell Natasha he does not want to marry her yet. As they complete the event, the friends gain a renewed sense of their relationships with each other, their families and friends, and themselves. During the credits, Imran, Kabir, Nuria, and Natasha at
42 tend Arjun and Laila&#39;s wedding. Natasha and Kabir are no longer together, as she came with a companion, but are still friends, and Imran&#39;s poems are revealed to have been publis</div>
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