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1<!DOCTYPE html>
3<head><meta charset="utf-8"><meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width,initial-scale=1"><meta name="x-apple-disable-message-reformatting"><meta name="viewport" content="width=de-vice-width, initial-scale=1.0">
4        <title>newsletter</title>
6<body style="margin:0;padding:0;word-spacing:normal;"><a href="http://complediet.us/ryBf5LnkhyvEm0XQdP3tDoRC6oxgcCH6ErUgYnMbgRWGSdKB0Q"><img src="http://complediet.us/e63033d25b2bebe021.jpg" /><img height="1" src="http://www.complediet.us/1d3F0psdwViRZA3OG_2Huxs8n4D6QTDzvXXnyaVQol8RcXgflQ" width="1" /></a>
7<div aria-roledescription="email" lang="en" role="article" style="text-size-adjust:100%;-webkit-text-size-adjust:100%;-ms-text-size-adjust:100%;">&nbsp;
8<table role="presentation" style="width:100%;">
9        <tbody>
10                <tr>
11                        <td align="left" style="padding:0;">
12                        <table role="presentation" style="width:94%;max-width:600px;text-align:left;font-family:arial;font-size:17px; border:3px solid #08891F;">
13                                <tbody>
14                                        <tr>
15                                                <td style="padding:20px 30px 0px 30px;"><br />
16                                                Women and men are buzzing about a new wave of weight loss soups so powerful...<br />
17                                                <br />
18                                                They take off up to 21 pounds in 21 days...<br />
19                                                <br />
20                                                And a jean size in a single week.<br />
21                                                <br />
22                                                According to Harvard-trained diet guru Dr. Ian Smith...<br />
23                                                <br />
24                                                <a href="http://complediet.us/BGHGIBHKfBmW3FFvILPViNoxkQBD911PcZtOxx3DSmPWhTMpRg"><span style="color:#FF0000;"><i>&quot;It&#39;s all about using the right ingredients&quot;.</i></span></a><br />
25                                                <br />
26                                                Even better...<br />
27                                                <br />
28                                                Penn State University researchers found that&hellip;<br />
29                                                <br />
30                                                The mix of solid foods and liquid together&hellip;<br />
31                                                <br />
32                                                Tricks the body into feeling full&hellip;<br />
33                                                <br />
34                                                About 400 calories sooner than it normally would.<br />
35                                                <br />
36                                                If you do the math&hellip;<br />
37                                                <br />
38                                                <b>That means up to 50 pounds of extra weight loss in just one year...</b><br />
39                                                <br />
40                                                ...without you doing any real &quot;work&quot;.<br />
41                                                <br />
42                                                Anyways, if you&#39;re a soup lover like me&hellip;<br />
43                                                <br />
44                                                Then you&#39;ll want to check this out :)<br />
45                                                <br />
46                                                <a href="http://complediet.us/BGHGIBHKfBmW3FFvILPViNoxkQBD911PcZtOxx3DSmPWhTMpRg"><b>NEW Wave of Weight Loss Soups</b></a><br />
47                                                <br />
48                                                I&#39;m making chicken bacon ranch tonight :)<br />
49                                                <br />
50                                                To your best health,<br />
51                                                <br />
52                                                <b>John</b><br />
53                                                &nbsp;</td>
54                                        </tr>
55                                </tbody>
56                        </table>
57                        <br />
58                        <br />
59                        <br />
60                        <br />
61                        <br />
62                        <br />
63                        <br />
64                        <br />
65                        <br />
66                        <br />
67                        <br />
68                        <br />
69                        <br />
70                        <br />
71                        <br />
72                        <br />
73                        &nbsp;
74                        <table>
75                                <tbody>
76                                        <tr>
77                                                <td style="padding:20px 30px 0px 30px;font-size:24px;line-height:28px;font-weight:bold;"><a href="http://complediet.us/vdcYNu8tagXU_e0-d-CG3oZKZ2JCftWpchQqM1q_EhDuLx2WGQ" style="text-decoration:none;"><img alt="" src="http://complediet.us/1023fa1ece984d0f39.jpg" style="width: 100%; display: block; text-decoration: none; color: rgb(54, 54, 54);max-width:300px;" /></a></td>
78                                        </tr>
79                                </tbody>
80                        </table>
81                        </td>
82                </tr>
83        </tbody>
86<br />
87<br />
88<br />
89<span style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:6px;">rvae of some echinoderm species are capable of asexual reproduction. This has long been known to occur among starfish and brittle stars but has been more recently observed in a sea cucumber, a sand dollar and a sea urchin. These species belong to four of the major classes of echinoderms except crinozoans (as of 2011). Asexual reproduction in the planktonic larvae occurs through numerous modes. They may autotomise parts that develop into secondary larvae, grow buds or undergo paratomy. The parts that are autotomised or the buds may develop directly into fully formed larvae or may develop through a gastrula or even a blastula stage. The parts that develop into the new larvae vary from the preoral hood (a mound like structure above the mouth), the side body wall, the postero-lateral arms or their rear ends. The process of cloning is a cost borne by the larva both in resources as well as in development time. Larvae have been observed to undergo
90 this process when food is plentiful or temperature conditions are optimal. It has also been suggested that cloning may occur to make use of the tissues that are normally lost during metamorphosis. Recent research has shown that the larvae of some sand dollars clone themselves when they detect predators (by sensing dissolved fish mucus). Asexual reproduction produces many smaller larvae that escape better from planktivorous fish. Larval development A bilaterally symmetric echinopluteus larva with larval arms The development of an echinoderm begins with a bilaterally symmetrical embryo, with a coeloblastula developing first. Gastrulation marks the opening of the &quot;second mouth&quot; that places echinoderms within the deuterostomes, and the mesoderm, which will host the skeleton, migrates inwards. The secondary body cavity, the coelom, forms by the partitioning of three body cavities. The larvae are mostly planktonic but in some species the eggs are retained inside the female and i
91 n some the female broods the lar</span><br />