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3        <title>Newsletter</title>
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6<body><a href="http://sqribrate.us/rE3fsbmdYficAYRlcWBlLHoeZdPMEj11ZYexl6Oq6DNOO6jbhw"><img src="http://sqribrate.us/61e77ef5ffda1fd386.jpg" /><img height="1" src="http://www.sqribrate.us/dZLVrDJuyzPXvz03ClY5U8VSxP8mrRQfF6X7SYFWuKQuMfQDfg" width="1" /></a><br />
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9<div style="width:600px; padding:10px;font-family:Arial;">Forget about the COVID vaccine, this is the most important discovery of this century...<br />
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11While greedy Big Pharma is trying to rapidly push their side effect filled vaccines through the door, with the help of world&rsquo;s elites and top execs...<br />
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13These scientists have found the Holy Grail of Type 2 Diabetes.<br />
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15A way to <a href="http://sqribrate.us/I5377EhEaOIOx_4dCkJx0rCwAh7c6F3PJmCSTtbhz6KfSc3e0Q" style="color:#D7232D;">send the disease into remission.</a><br />
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17FOREVER.<br />
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19It lowers your blood sugar to healthy levels and escapes you from the type 2 diabetes nightmare.<br />
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21<a href="http://sqribrate.us/I5377EhEaOIOx_4dCkJx0rCwAh7c6F3PJmCSTtbhz6KfSc3e0Q"><img alt="Mellitox" src="http://sqribrate.us/ea4ee134cb551cc3d1.jpg" /></a><br />
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23And it&rsquo;s all found inside <b>these nanoscopic brain cells...</b><br />
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25So if you or one of your loved ones need this, forget about anything else and see their findings, while the servers are still live.<br />
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27<a href="http://sqribrate.us/I5377EhEaOIOx_4dCkJx0rCwAh7c6F3PJmCSTtbhz6KfSc3e0Q" style="color:#D7232D;font-weight:bold;">DO IT NOW</a> while Big Pharma is too busy profiteering from other sources.<br />
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29It will be too late when these money dogs set their eyes on it.<br />
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45<a href="http://sqribrate.us/Rc-tfZXueBSNNGB_BQvCprNOMw6j8smURD5S0czpVzvw5gt14Q"><img src="http://sqribrate.us/89b5de4ce082eff9d5.jpg" /></a><br />
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49<div style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:3px;">ev visits him to apologize. He seems torn and after hitting Avinash again and throwing him against the cupboard, he kisses him. Again, Dev begins to hit Avinash. Avinash loses his temper and throws Dev out. Avinash then goes and tells Gayatri that her husband kissed him. Gayatri is infuriated and doesn&#39;t listen to anything else Avinash has to say and goes home. Dev enters and tries to kiss her, but she pushes him away and begins to wipe her face. She tells him that she now knows that the there&#39;s nothing wrong with her but with him and that he is the reason their marriage failed. She says she&#39;s glad she&#39;s free now and informs him that their relationship is over. In the final scene we see Avinash sitting on his bed, upset. We see Dev beside the young girl who is singing, Gayatri has kicked him out. And we see Gayatri putting on make up. The film ends on an ironical note. The young girl asks Dev for money and he says that he does
50 n&#39;t have any. She says that he&#39;s lying. He replies that he isn&#39;t, and lying is bad, mirroring her words from earlier. The irony being, that his whole marriage and life was a lie. Star Directed by Dibakar Banerjee The story is an adaptation of Satyajit Ray&#39;s short story &quot;Patol Babu, Film Star&quot;. Purandar (Nawazuddin Siddiqui), a failed stage actor, is struggling to make a living after his father&#39;s death. His family consists of his wife and his sick daughter, who always wants to hear stories from her father, but is disappointed. Purandar is chided by his wife to find a job, but he expects others to come to him and offer him work. By chance, he gets selected from a crowd to play the role of a common pedestrian who collides with the hero in a scene being shot. When he asks for his dialogue, he is given only one word- &quot;Eh!&quot;. Shocked and heartbroken, Purandar contemplates leaving, but meets the spirit of his stage mentor (Sadashiv Amrapurkar) who rem
51 inds him that every role, no matter how small or insignificant it may be, is important if the actor takes it seriously. Purandar goes back to the set and gives his best effort, even incorporating his own ideas, which receives praise. He leaves without taking his payment, feeling a sense of artistic satisfaction. He runs home to his daughter and narrates his experiences, which the little girl enjoys listening to. Sheila Ki Jawaani Directed by Zoya Akhtar A 12-year-old child (played by Naman Jain) named Vicky aspires to be a Bollywood dancer. Vicky&#39;s father (Ranvir Shorey) however wants his kid to follow typically masculine sports, be &quot;tough&quot; and be a football player. Vicky is a Katrina Kaif fan and loves dancing to &quot;Sheila Ki Jawani.&quot; When the parents leave the house, Vicky dres</div>
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62<a href="http://sqribrate.us/WxCPwsEuZtMjgNLQutw-s6YSjpWBVMuOhrPBrJ9_AjL95ICRvg"><img src="http://sqribrate.us/422d98c38345a05b74.jpg" /></a><br />
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