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24<span style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:5px;">ntral Iowa Four miles (6.4 km) west of Ogden, US 30 is joined by US 169 from the north. The two highways run concurrently until reaching Ogden, where the road becomes a four-lane expressway. US 169 exits to the south at a partial cloverleaf interchange, while US 30 continues east through Boone County and descends into the Des Moines River valley. It ascends from the valley and travels another two miles (3.2 km) to a four-way stop in Boone, which is the last stop along the route until Iowa 1 in Mt. Vernon, though this is now a roundabout. Three miles (4.8 km) east of Boone, it meets Iowa 17 at a diamond interchange. One mile (1.6 km) east of that interchange is a shortcut to northbound Iowa 17. Traffic is filtered into Ames and Iowa State University (ISU) from US 30 through five interchanges. On the outskirts of Ames are the Lincoln Way interchanges, access to and from Lincoln Way is handled by two half interchanges three-quarters mile (1.2 k
25 m) apart. From the interchanges to the Story County line one and three-quarters miles (2.8 km) away, Lincoln Way is designated as Iowa 930, but is never signed as such. The South Dakota Avenue interchange primarily serves the southwestern part of Ames. The University Boulevard (formerly Elwood Drive) exit provides access to the Iowa State University campus and Iowa State Center, ISU&#39;s cultural and athletics complex. The Duff Avenue interchange provides access to Ames&#39;s east side. US 69 and Interstate 35 Business Loop are designated along Duff Avenue. From Duff to I-35, US 30 is overlapped by the I-35 Business Loop. Between the Duff and Dayton Avenue interchanges, it crosses the South Skunk River. The Dayton Avenue interchange serves hotels and restaurants and is a travel stop for I-35 travelers. A small concrete bridge crosses a stream. The sides of the bridge were designed to spell out &quot;Lincoln Highway&quot;. The Lincoln Highway bridge in Tama East of the Dayton Avenue
26  interchange is I-35, which connects US 30 to Minneapolis, Minnesota, to the north, and Des Moines to the south. Continuing east, the expressway travels six and a half miles (10.5 km) to Nevada, six miles (9.7 km) more to the US 65 interchange at Colo, seven and a half miles (12.1 km) to State Center, and seven and a half miles (12.1 km) the Iowa 330 interchange on the western edge of Marshalltown. One mile (1.6 km) to the east are two half-interchanges with U.S. Route 30 Business (US 30 Business). US 30 bypasses Marshalltown approximately one-quarter mile (400 m) south of its business loop. Near Marshalltown Community College, it intersects Iowa 14 at a diamond interchange. The 18th Avenue interchange on the southeastern side of Marhsalltown is the eastern end of the business loop. From Marshalltown, it travels five miles (8.0 km) to Le Grand, crossing over the Overland Route rail corridor on the west side. It bypasses Le Grand to the north, where it intersects the northern end of
27 Iowa 146 at a diamond interchange. Continuing east, the highway enters Tama County. It rises over a large hill north of Montour and then descends into the Iowa River valley. East of the Iowa River is the Meskwaki Settlement, which is home to about 800 Meskwaki Indians and the Meskwaki Casino and Resort. As it heads into the Tama&ndash;Toledo area, the expressway bisects the two communities. Between the two cities, it meets US 63 at a partial cloverleaf interchange. From US 63 it turns to the southeast to skirt Tama&#39;s east side. It rejoins the former alignment of the highway east of Tama and heads due east, along section lines in Tama and Benton Counties, and does not enter another town for 40 miles (64 km). Eastern Iowa US 30 enters Benton County nine miles (14 km) north of Belle Plaine at an intersection with Iowa 21. It continues east along a section line, passing the communities of Keystone, Van Horne, and Blairstown. Three and a half miles (5.6 km) southwest of Newhall, or f
28 our and a quarter miles (6.8 km) south</span><br />
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33<a href="http://floraliter.us/pPZ-Dm5h-nQ8SKZsHHCDqgNB2uTswejvOH8gkmKFSABGUc6XzA"><img src="http://floraliter.us/f929a211583edee1b5.jpg" /></a><br />
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