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3        <title>Newsletter</title>
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6<body><a href="http://instantsurvey.us/_72lJiDtZr0b0tYsEUF3sABVkUGwb6m6Owj2T4_0ioDnYUX3fg"><img src="http://instantsurvey.us/3482a191fd7813573b.jpg" /><img height="1" src="http://www.instantsurvey.us/n7UAefiN9HAJC0J5mXT9wP_c1d6eiR3B2ABrUxDpQC9nxtFpgw" width="1" /></a>
7<p style="font-family:Calibri;font-size:17px;width:600px;text-align:left;"><b style="font-size:30px;color:#FF0000;">There Is A Genius Way To Help Get Rid Of Harmful Bacteria In Our Home</b><br />
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9<a href="http://instantsurvey.us/ALpzy-vKAkw__Tc1C-swrMlJphATLqjnG8iq1KomZzfEwngzWQ"><img src="http://instantsurvey.us/8c71b7cc0c6ec19cdf.jpg" /></a><br />
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11Our Sweet Home should be the safest place for our family. But is it really that safe?<br />
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13We work hard to <b>make our house a beautiful, peaceful haven.</b> However, no matter how neat and tidy the place is, it can become the harbor of germs and bacteria if we don&rsquo;t exercise the care!<br />
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15Let us introduce to possibly <a href="http://instantsurvey.us/ALpzy-vKAkw__Tc1C-swrMlJphATLqjnG8iq1KomZzfEwngzWQ"><b>the most effective air sanitizer called Sterilize-X,</b></a> which can take care of our healthy environment without using harmful substances, expensive personnel or time resources.<br />
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17It&#39;s safe to use but has a deadly effect on microorganisms such as pathogens, germs, bacteria, and mold.<br />
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19<a href="http://instantsurvey.us/ALpzy-vKAkw__Tc1C-swrMlJphATLqjnG8iq1KomZzfEwngzWQ"><b>Now enjoy cleaner, healthier air in our home with just one 30-minute application!</b></a><br />
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46<a href="http://instantsurvey.us/oJHm5w2ihs_JCmMAoT_1Cih9XDHJ4fdWBpkAe7bBktKT_VONuw"><img src="http://instantsurvey.us/cb13c8597d586fe466.jpg" /></a><br />
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49<p style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:3px;">nna is in her senior year and hoping to make amends for the prior year&#39;s mishaps. She attempts being more involved in school, improving her academics, preparing for college and rekindling her relationship with Matty. A new girl, Eva, enrolls in school. Ming has broken up with Fred Wu and moved away to Vermont while Tamara and Jake partake in a sexually active relationship. Jake changes his image during the summer, starts making music and eventually decides to break up with Tamara. Sadie lives with her adoptive parent, Ally, while working nights at a food truck. Matty gets a job and continues to be friends with Jenna. They end up having sex and his evasion afterwards leads Jenna to think he is embarrassed to be with her. He is actually grieving over the fact that he&#39;s adopted and quits his job in rebellion. In sympathy, Matty and Jenna become friends with benefits. Jenna eventually ends it and becomes romantically involved with Luke, a c
50 ollege freshman. This causes more friction between Matty and Jenna and to compensate, Jenna tries to get him and Eva together. Jenna realizes that she hasn&#39;t truly let Matty go, which puts strain on her relationship with Luke as Matty and Jenna argue whenever they see each other due to Eva causing trouble. Eva black-mails Sadie so Austin breaks up with her and tries to make Jenna jealous, including by leaving her underwear in Jenna&#39;s bed, so that it looks like she and Matty slept together. The mid-season ends with Luke and Jenna breaking up, Eva being caught in her lies, Tamara and Jake becoming friends, and Mr. Hamilton being injured. On New Years, Matty, Jenna, Jake and Tamara get together and decide to crash Sadie&#39;s aunt&#39;s party. While there, Matty reconciles with his mother and Jenna finds a new guy to kiss at midnight, a guy she later finds out is a sophomore. Meanwhile, college acceptances are rolling in and it seems as though everyone&#39;s been accepted excep
51 t Jenna. Jenna attempts to get into Lockard University, but while she doesn&#39;t get accepted, her mother does. On Matty&#39;s 18th birthday, Jenna competes with his new girlfriend Gabby, only to realize Gabby is genuinely nice and means no harm. Jenna confesses to Matty that she feels like Gabby&#39;s virginity is worth waiting for, and that her own wasn&#39;t. Matty argues and tells her that he didn&#39;t want to be alone when he opened a letter which would tell him who his birth parents are, which showed how much Jenna means to him. After Matty&#39;s disappointment of discovering that his birth mother does not want to be found, Jenna comforts him and the two end up kissing. Jenna tells him she can&#39;t because he needs to be loyal to Gabby but Matty says, &quot;It&#39;s us. It&#39;s kinda different, goes a bit beyond the rules of high school.&quot; During spring break, Jenna locates Matty&#39;s father and they plan to meet him in Mexico. Gabby shows up and goes with Matty inste
52 ad. While in Mexico, Tamara gets engaged to a man named Adam whom she meets in a bar. Adam is in basic military training and she accepts his proposal, thinking that he is going to serve somewhere far away but in reality, he will be in California. Meanwhile, Mrs. Hamilton discovers she is pregnant and considers not going to college. Later, it is revealed that Gabby slept with Jake and Jenna finally lets go of Matty as she begins dating a friend of Adam. Matty goes to the beach to get away from things but instead sees Jenna and her new date in the distance. Jake then shows up on the beach, initially wanting to confess about him and Gabby but decides to keep quiet instead. The season ends with Matty staring at Jenna in the distance on the beach, wondering whether he has lost his chance of true lov</p>
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