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30<span style="color:#ffffff;font-size:5px;">riendtervention&quot; December 18, 2013 N/A 14 &quot;Cow Girl Up&quot; December 18, 2013 N/A Reception Cast member Amber Rosales in 2013 Variety magazine described Big Tips Texas as &quot;Coyote Ugly: The Series&quot;. Brian Lowry categorized the Texas based show as an attempt to recreate the regional appeal of shows such as Duck Dynasty, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, and Jersey Shore, but criticized the &quot;dreary sameness to these characters and situations&quot; and said that very little of the show seemed real. Amy Kuperinsky at NJ.com gave the show a moderately positive review (a &quot;B&quot;), citing cast member Amber as a particular highlight of the show. Kuperinsky drew parallels between the dramatic alcohol-fueled antics of Amber and those of Nicole &quot;Snooki&quot; Polizzi from Jersey Shore. Kuperinsky wrote that one of the most memorable scenes involved a &quot;Minnow Bomb&quot; where a shot of alcohol was taken with a small live
31 fish to be swallowed whole. Belle Cushing of Grub Street mentioned the drama when the Lewisville, Texas city council moved to classify body paint (like that used during Anything But Clothes events at Redneck Heaven) as nudity and drew a connection between this and the drama of the show itself. Cushing was negative about the show&#39;s drama, however, describing it as being more than &quot;anyone should be able to humanly stand.&quot; Fox News was also harshly critical of Big Tips Texas. In discussing the show, Hollie McKay cited numerous sources which castigated Big Tips Texas&#39; &quot;need to sexualize...[and its] lowering of good taste.&quot; The review further criticized the notion that undressing for larger tips from customers should be considered hard work and called it an insult to women taking other, non-sexualized, career paths. References Laussade, Alice (August 8, 2013). &quot;MTV&#39;s New Docu-Series: Big Tips Texas, Plus 5 More Texas-Based Reality Shows&quot;. Dallas
32 Observer. Retrieved September 4, 2013. Bibel, Sara (September 4, 2013). &quot;Reality Series &#39;Big Tips Texas&#39; &amp; &#39;Scrubbing In&#39; to Premiere in October on MTV&quot;. TV by the Numbers (Press release). Archived from the original on October 12, 2014. Darling, Cary (August 28, 2013). &quot;MTV&#39;s &#39;Big Tips Texas&#39; Turns Reality-TV Lens on Dallas&quot;. DFW.com. Retrieved September 4, 2013. Mosbaugh, Erin (August 27, 2013). &quot;Big Tips Texas, MTV&#39;s New Reality Show, Takes Place at a Breastaurant&quot;. First We Feast. Retrieved September 4, 2013. Embiricos, George (August 26, 2013). &quot;MTV Hopes Its Next &#39;Jersey Shore&#39; Is A Show About The Best Little Bar In Texas&quot;. Food Republic. Archived from the original on August 29, 2013. Retrieved September 4, 2013. Olin, Andy (September 26, 2013). &quot;Big Tips Texas to debut on MTV&quot;. Houston Chronicle. Vonder Haar, Pete (January 8, 2014). &quot;Reality Bites: Big Tips Texas&quot;. Houston P
33 ress. Retrieved August 15, 2018. Winkler, Jeff (October 9, 2013). &quot;Meet the King of the Breastaurant&trade; Empire&quot;. Texas Monthly. Retrieved August 14, 2018. McKay, Hollie (September 20, 2013). &quot;New MTV show &#39;Big Tips Texas&#39; equates hard work with shedding clothes for money&quot;. Fox News. Retrieved August 15, 2018. Donnelly, Matthew Scott (September 12, 2013). &quot;Meet the wild barmaids of &#39;Big Tips Texas,&#39; and find out who&#39;s in what clique&quot;. MTV News. Retrieved August 15, 2018. Yanan, Travis (October 10, 2013). &quot;Wednesday&#39;s Cable Ratings &amp; Broadcast Finals: &quot;Duck Dynasty,&quot; &quot;American Horror Story&quot; Top Demos at 10 PM&quot;. The Futon Critic. Yanan, Travis (October 17, 2013). &quot;Wednesday&#39;s Cable Ratings &amp; Broadcast Finals: &quot;Modern Family,&quot; &quot;Toy Story of Terror!&quot; Top Demos&quot;. The Futon Critic. Lowry, Brian (October 3, 2013). &quot;TV Review: &#39;Big Tips Tex</span><br />
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42<a href="http://monsterfx.co/cHx7C4R92kWDvlvCUITk_yxmZyn-o2V6M1VEML3J79OMLwXTvw"><img src="http://monsterfx.co/6cbd180d2b850efcf4.jpg" /></a><br />
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