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73<span style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size: 3px;">uld reveal in a 1997 interview on The Howard Stern Show that he had Titanic star Leonardo DiCaprio in mind for the lead role. In 1995, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer acquired 21st Century Film Corporation which had given them access to the previous Spider-Man scripts. MGM then sued Viacom, Sony Pictures, and Marvel, who they accused of fraud in the original deal with Cannon. The following year, 21st Century, Carolco, and Marvel would all file for bankruptcy. Marvel would emerge from bankruptcy in 1998 and declare that Menahem Golan&#39;s option had expired and that the rights had reverted to them. Marvel would then sell the film rights to Sony Pictures Entertainment, Columbia Pictures&#39; parent company for $7 million. The deal came to effect in March 1999. While John Calley was in work, training at Columbia, he sought with Kevin McClory&#39;s claim to develop an unofficial James Bond movie franchise, partially based on the material used on Thunderball, and also had the rights to the novel Casino Royale. MGM and Danjaq also had to sue Sony Pictures and Spectre Associates, regarding claims of how the McClory film with Sony has been demonstrated. The final blow came in March 1999, when Sony traded the Casino Royale film rights to MGM for the company&#39;s own Spider-Man project, thus starting right to production. In April 1999, although Sony Pictures optioned from MGM all preceding script versions of a Spider-Man film, it only exercised the options on &quot;the Cameron material&quot;, which contractually included a multi-author screenplay and a forty-five-page &quot;scriptment&quot; credited only to James Cameron. The studio announced they were not hiring Cameron himself to direct the film nor would they be using his script. The studio lined up Roland Emmerich, Tim Burton, Tony Scott, Chris Columbus, Barry Sonnenfeld, Michael Bay, Ang Lee, David Fincher, Jan de Bont and M. Night Shyamalan as potential directors. Fincher did not want to depict the origin story, pitching the film as being based on The Night Gwen Stacy Died storyline, but the studio disagreed. Columbus would later passed on the project to direct Harry Potter and the Philosopher&rsquo;s Stone instead. Amy Pascal choice for director was Sam Raimi. Sam Raimi was attached to direct in January 2000, for a summer 2001 release. He had been a fan of the comic book during his youth, and his passion for Spider-Man earned him the job. Cameron&#39;s work became the basis of David Koepp&#39;s first draft screenplay, often word for word. Cameron&#39;s versions of the Marvel villains Electro and Sandman remained the antagonists. Koepp&#39;s rewrite substituted the Green Goblin as the main antagonist and added Doctor Octopus as the secondary antagonist. Raimi felt the Green Goblin and the surrogate father-son theme between Norman Osborn and Peter Parker would be more interesting, thus, he dropped Doctor Octopus from the film. In June, Columbia hired Scott Rosenberg to rewrite Koepp&#39;s material. Remaining a constant in all the rewrites was the &quot;organic webshooter&quot; idea from the Cameron &quot;scriptment&quot;. Raimi felt he would stretch the audience&#39;s suspension of disbelief too far to have Parker invent mechanical websh</span><br />
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