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57<span style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:4px;">ox office Spider-Man became the first film to pass the $100,000,000 mark in a single weekend, even when adjusting for inflation, with its $114,844,116 mark establishing a new opening weekend record. The gross surpassed the previous record holder&#39;s Harry Potter and the Sorcerer&#39;s Stone $90,000,000 opening; on this, Rick Lyman of The New York Times wrote &quot;while industry executives had expected a strong opening for the film because there was little competition in the marketplace and prerelease polling indicated intense interest from all age groups, no one predicted that Spider-Man would surpass the Harry Potter record.&quot; The film also set a record for crossing the $100,000,000 milestone in 3 days, at the time being the fastest any film had reached the mark. This opening weekend haul had an average of $31,769 per theater, which at the time, Box Office Mojo reported as being &quot;the highest per theater average ever for an ultra-wide release.&quot; The film&#39;s three-day record was surpassed by Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man&#39;s Chest four years later. The $114.8 million opening weekend was the highest at the North America box office film for a non-sequel, until it was surpassed eight years later by Alice in Wonderland. With the release in the United States and Canada on May 3, 2002, on 7,500 screens at 3,615 theaters, the film earned $39,406,872 on its opening day, averaging $10,901 per theater. This was the highest opening day at the time until it was surpassed by its sequel Spider-Man 2&#39;s $40.4 million haul in 2004. Spider-Man also set an all-time record for the highest earnings in a single day with $43,622,264 on its second day of release, a record later surpassed by Shrek 2 in 2004. On the Sunday during its opening weekend, the film earned an addi</span><br />
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