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3        <title>Newsletter</title>
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9<br />
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67<div style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:3px;">naya signs a movie playing the role of a &quot;middle-class Gujarati wife&quot; and in order to do proper justice to the role, her director, Mac Mundra (Ivan Rodrigues), advises her to live with a Gujarati family for a while to bring her role to life. While Patel is on a date with Shanaya, she considers living with Patel&#39;s family for a few days, as Patel lies to her he lives just with his father and also lies that he&#39;s not married yet. Patel makes Jigar as his fake father and Jigar gets Naina to be Patel&#39;s fake mother. Patel fakes a family emergency back home in India and puts Kokila on the first flight back to India before Shanaya&#39;s arrival to his house. Shanaya finally comes to live with Patel&#39;s family. Patel cherishes every moment she spends in his house, profoundly flirting and getting affectionate towards her. One night, when Patel is dancing in the rain with Shanaya, Kokila suddenly arrives home, while Patel is unaware that she&#39;s back in the house. Next morning, Patel&#39;s friend brings a &quot;Kenyan&quot; woman to his house, who could teach garba to Shanaya. She is, in fact, Kokila in disguise, and Patel fails to recognize her. Meanwhile, Patel gets possessive and jealous as he feels Shanaya is ignoring him and spending more time with her co-actor. When Patel notices Shanaya grooving to music with a band, he gets extremely upset and bawls at her, &quot;When you have time to do all this, you have time for parties, you have time for your co-actor, why don&#39;t you have the time for me? Have you ever asked me if I&rsquo;m okay or not, even once?&quot;Shanaya feels insulted and gets outraged, and packs her suitcase to leave his house. She explains, &quot;If we were together, would you be able to adjust to the lifestyle of an actress. Would you be able to control yourself when people stare at me? No. Because you&rsquo;re insecure. It takes a strong, secure man to marry an actress.&quot; She leaves the house. When Patel gets back from work, he is surprised to see a wedding is being arranged for him and he is groom. He is very confused and assumes he will soon marry Shanaya. Shanaya gets that &quot;Kenyan&quot; woman and asks Patel to marry her. Patel confesses that he lied to her and tells her that he can&#39;t mar</div>
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