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41<span style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:3px;">velyn SharmaMumbai: Bollywood actress Evelyn Sharma and Pakistani singer Zohaib Amzad worked with each other for their first song together.In the video, we see Evelyn Sharma grooving on &lsquo;Anni Pa De&rsquo;, which is a total party number and extremely entertaining. Evelyn puts on her dancing shoes and sets the dance floor on fire. A source informs as that the minute Evelyn heard the song, she was on board with the music video. &quot;It&#39;s a very different thing that she is doing. Zohaib offered her the song and she has never been seen like this before. It&#39;s a very glamorous song.&#39; So all that excitement said yes to it her. The moment she heard the song, The actress was all the more excited as it&#39;s such a catchy song,&quot; a source told us.Crooned by Zohaib Amjad, the song is directed by Arsal Khan &amp; Beyond Studios. Here&#39;s the music videhis girl&#39;s family was living in new york. It was their home town. You don&#39;t want to take her anywhere. You just want her to be your mom. I mean I love her and a little bit of everything, but I don&#39;t want her anywhere. They have a car that I drive all the time, and I want her to move back in with them. How do you make her live? In their house? What do you say to her in your mind? It&#39;s the most personal thing that comes into my body. You don&#39;t want to leave her there. You don&#39;t want to tell her anything. I want to stay right away. I want to keep her here, at least for a lifetime. That&#39;s my life. That&#39;s my mother. That&#39;s my father. It&#39;s all my life. When I am in need, I don&#39;t ever leave her. And if I get sick, I do. If I get cancer, I don&#39;t ever leave her. I don&#39;t ever leave her. My mom doesn&#39;t take care of the babies. She goes with me whenever she needs a baby and my mother comes to my house and there will be a check there for her. The check is coming to pay for her care, if she can do that. I was in college, and my father used to take care of my older sister, the one that i&#39;ve been with for many years of my life. She used to come around th</span><br />
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