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45<span style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:6px;">aj Batra is a successful boutique owner who lives in Chandni Chowk with his wife Meeta Batra and 5-year-old daughter, Piaa Batra. The couple want Piaa to be admitted to a prestigious English-medium school in Delhi as they feel that this will enable her to become a part of the elite of society. They decide on Delhi Grammar School, ranked the best in the city, but it requires that students must stay within a 3-km radius of the school. They move to a posh villa in Delhi&#39;s upscale Vasant Vihar neighbourhood and try to become more refined in their manner. A consultant, Saumya, despite her misgivings about them, tutors them in the answers to be given in the admission interview, but their limited knowledge of English means Piaa&#39;s application is rejected. Raaj and Meeta learn from an employee that his daughter has been admitted through the RTE quota, a scheme that helps children from poor families to be admitted to prestigious schools. After a scam reveals that rich parents are gaming the quota to admit their children, they move to Bharat Nagar, a slum area, for a month and pretend to be poor. They strike a friendship with Shyam Prakash and Tulsi Prakash, who are hopeful that their son Mohan Prakash gets to study in Delhi Grammar School through the RTE quota. Shyam and Tulsi teach them to live like truly poor people, and Raaj joins Shyam at work. However, while Piaa eventually gets admission, Mohan&#39;s application is rejected. Raaj, Meeta &amp; Piaa return to Vasant Vihar. Raaj and Meeta make a donation to the Bharat Nagar Government School, where Mohan studies, to renovate it and get new books. After watching their son become fluent in English, Shyam and Tulsi search for the identity of the anonymous donor to thank them. However, when he visits the donor&#39;s address in Vasant Vihar, Shyam finds out the truth about Raaj pretending to be poor to enable Piaa&#39;s admission and leaves to tell Delhi Grammar School&#39;s principal Lodha Singhania of Raaj&#39;s deceit. Raaj and Meeta rush to Delhi Grammar School to get there before Shyam, but fail. Shyam, reaching there first, tries to find the principal&#39;s office, but meets Piaa instead, where Shyam endures an emotional moment with her, and decides not tell the principal, but Raaj reacts with guilt for what he has done. Finally, Raaj goes to the principal and asks for Piaa&#39;s admission to be revoked, while telling the truth, but the principal rejects him. Raaj gatecrashes the Annual Day function, gives a speech about English in India and education rights, and leaves, with no one clapping for him, except Meeta. On their way out, Raaj &amp; Meeta tell the principal of the Bharat Nagar Government School that they plan to admit Piaa to his school to study with Moh</span></center>
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