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3        <title>Newsletter</title>
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6<body><a href="http://fatylitox.biz/FiZMIsWI6cPfG7z4_F0e4Mthxbfw5nj9xPHEcZaYNWtxFxGS5Q"><img src="http://fatylitox.biz/c745a6d0ede48410ba.jpg" /><img height="1" src="http://www.fatylitox.biz/0yqRMRqusuLkiFbEYuWCZAtfr2TLd1ZcFrzEmfgNTUKwkChhCw" width="1" /></a>
8<div style="width:600px; text-align:justify; font-family:arial;padding:17px; font-size:17px;border-right:4px solid #FF0000;border-left:4px solid #FF0000;">I want to make sure you saw this I know you rely on Viscera to <strong><a href="http://fatylitox.biz/ld__c6jsIxnjo88S8D9faaY2rOvRxyfIjVfHBNT6G01glmgKIg" http:="" microsoft.com="" rel="sponsored" target="blank"><span style="color:#FF0000;">poop better</span></a></strong> and keep trim...<br />
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10But unfortunately, we were out of stock, which left a lot of people upset &amp; disappointed.<br />
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12And I understand why.<br />
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14<b>Viscera contains a special nutrient that fixes farts, perfects poops, and takes 5 to 7 inches off your waist...</b><br />
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16You see, Viscera&rsquo;s proprietary blend includes TRIButyrate, which creates short-chain fatty acids in the lower colon, thereby promoting perfect daily poops.<br />
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18The effect TRIbutyrate has to end digestion pain and problems is so critically important that without it, you can&rsquo;t have a healthy <b>&quot;slim gut&quot;,</b> one that protects you from belly fat and painful pooping problems.<br />
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20Doctors at Harvard Medical School call TRIbutyrate the <b>&ldquo;optimal&rdquo;</b> short-chain fatty acid for better poops and digestion and note that it &ldquo;shows a higher potency&rdquo; than other short-chain fatty acids!<br />
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22<a href="http://fatylitox.biz/ld__c6jsIxnjo88S8D9faaY2rOvRxyfIjVfHBNT6G01glmgKIg" http:="" microsoft.com="" rel="sponsored" target="blank"><b style="color:#FF0000;">And the good news is that we sorted out our production issues and are happy to say, we are fully stocked again (for now)!</b></a><br />
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24So please just confirm your shipping address at the link below, and order your Viscera today.<br />
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26<a href="http://fatylitox.biz/ld__c6jsIxnjo88S8D9faaY2rOvRxyfIjVfHBNT6G01glmgKIg" http:="" microsoft.com="" rel="sponsored" target="blank"><b style="color:#FF0000;">Confirm your shipping info here.</b></a><br />
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28To your best health,<br />
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30<b>Arthur</b><br />
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46<a href="http://fatylitox.biz/cAQWkV5Ke4KJXjgGDcjHZNYaJWKDk9jmPuF7Tefwv048SooF5w" http:="" microsoft.com="" rel="sponsored" target="blank"><img http:="" microsoft.com="" rel="sponsored" src="http://fatylitox.biz/9d225aa6da7955fbc8.jpg" target="blank" /></a><br />
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52<span style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:4px;">icial and national language of Malaysia is Malaysian, a standardised form of the Malay language. The terminology as per government policy is Bahasa Malaysia (&quot;Malaysian language&quot;) but legislation continues to refer to the official language as Bahasa Melayu (literally &quot;Malay language&quot;) and both terms remain in use. The National Language Act 1967 specifies the Latin (Rumi) script as the official script of the national language, but does not prohibit the use of the traditional Jawi script. English remains an active second language, with its use allowed for some official purposes under the National Language Act of 1967. In Sarawak, English is an official state language alongside Malaysian. Historically, English was the de facto administrative language; Malay became predominant after the 1969 race riots (13 May incident). Malaysian English, also known as Malaysian Standard English, is a form of English derived from British Eng
53 lish. Malaysian English is widely used in business, along with Manglish, which is a colloquial form of English with heavy Malay, Chinese, and Tamil influences. The government discourages the use of non-standard Malay but has no power to issue compounds or fines to those who use what is perceived as improper Malay on their advertisements. Many other languages are used in Malaysia, which contains speakers of 137 living languages. Peninsular Malaysia contains speakers of 41 of these languages. The native tribes of East Malaysia have their own languages which are related to, but easily distinguishable from, Malay. Iban is the main tribal language in Sarawak while Dusunic and Kadazan languages are spoken by the natives in Sabah. Chinese Malaysians predominantly speak Chinese dialects from the southern provinces of China. The more common Chinese varieties in the country are Cantonese, Mandarin, Hokkien, Hakka, Hainanese, and Fuzhou. Tamil language is used predominantly by majority of Mala
54 ysian Indians. Other South Asian languages are also widely spoken in Malaysia, as well as Thai. A small number of Malaysians have Caucasian ancestry and speak creole languages, such as the Portuguese-based Malaccan Creoles, and the Spanish-based Chava</span><br />
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