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25<span style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:10px;">lease The film was scheduled for an Eid release, on 7 July. The film&#39;s teaser has become one of the most viewed Malayalam film teaser, by completing 5.1 Lakhs (510,000) &quot;real-time&quot; views in 24 hours. At the time, the Kasaba teaser was the fastest Malayalam teaser to cross the 1 million mark, doing so in four days. Claims of misogyny On 19 July 2016, Kerala Women&#39;s Commission sent court notices to actor Mammootty, director Nitin Panicker, and producer Alice George for allegedly portraying women in poor light in the film. Commission chairperson, K C Rosakutty Teacher, said that the film used dialogues which were &quot;insulting to womanhood in general&quot;. She added, &quot;In the name of freedom of expression, women cannot be insulted whether it is for character or else&quot;. When an actor like Mammootty involves in such projects, it may lead to a &quot;dangerous acceptance&quot; of such actions and remarks in the society
26 . The Commission also sent a report to AMMA and Malayalam Cine Technicians Association with a request to revise the film&#39;s certification. In one of the most controversial scenes in the film, the rogue police officer character portrayed by Mammootty, walks over to a female police officer, pulls at her belt and tells her that he can make her miss her menstrual cycle. This scene came under severe criticism right from the film&#39;s release. In December 2017, specifically referring to this scene, actress Parvathy criticised the film as having misogynistic dialogue. She faced threats by a section of Mammootty fans, after which she filed a police complaint on 26 December. Several people came in support of Parvathy and the controversy sparked a discussion on misogyny in the entire film industry of Kerala, with several actresses mainly under the aegis of Women in Cinema Collective, came to the front questioning the male dominance in Malayalam cinema. Box office The film got mixed review
27 s from the critics, but it was commercial success at the box office. The movie collected ?2.43 crore (US$320,000) in Kerala on its first day. The film collected ?7.35 crore (US$980,000) from first four days, and ?8.18 crore (US$1.1 million) from first five days of release at the Kerala box office. The film collected ?10.44 crore (US$1.4 million) in nine days of its theatrical run in Kerala, and ?14.37 crore (US$1.9 million) in its final run. References &quot;Mammootty&#39;s Kasaba Gets A Release Date&quot;. Filmi Beat. 24 May 2016. Retrie</span><br />
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