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48<span style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size: 5px;">lm, Spider-Man 3 never feels weighted down, tedious or boring&quot;. Jonathan Ross, a big fan of the comic books, felt the film was the best of the trilogy. Richard Corliss of Time commended the filmmakers for their ability to &quot;dramatize feelings of angst and personal betrayal worthy of an Ingmar Bergman film, and then to dress them up in gaudy comic-book colors&quot;. Wesley Morris of The Boston Globe, who gave the film 4 out of 5 stars, wrote that it was a well-made, fresh film, but would leave the viewer &quot;overfulfilled&quot;. Jonathan Dean of Total Film felt the film&#39;s complex plot helped the film&#39;s pacing, in that, &quot;it rarely feels disjointed or loose &hellip; Spider-Man cements its shelf-life&quot;. In an IGN review posted on April 20, 2007, and updated on October 22, 2020, Todd Gilchrist gave the third installment eight stars out of ten, and hailed it as a &quot;satisfying conclusion&quot; to the series. Enterta
49 inment Weekly named the Sandman as the eighth best computer-generated film character. Screen Rant cited Sandman along with Doctor Octopus, as the best villain of the trilogy. John Hartl of MSNBC gave Spider-Man 3 a positive review, but stated that it has some flaws such as having &quot;too many storylines&quot;. His opinion is echoed by Houston Chronicle&#39;s Amy Biancolli who complained that &quot;the script is busy with so many supporting characters and plot detours that the series&#39; charming idiosyncrasy is sometimes lost in the noise&quot;. Jack Matthews of Daily News thought the film was too devoted to the &quot;quiet conversations&quot; of Peter and Mary Jane, but that fans would not be disappointed by the action. Finally, Sean Burns of Philadelphia Weekly felt that the director &quot;substituted scope and scale for the warmth and wit that made those two previous pictures so memorable&quot;. Raimi himself would later call the film &quot;awful&quot; during a podcast intervi
50 ew. Speaking to Screen Rant in 2018, Avi Arad also accepted responsibility for pushing Raimi to include Venom in the film, and how the end result had disappointed many fans of the character, saying &quot;I think we learned that Venom is not a sideshow. In all fairness, I&#39;ll take the guilt because of what Sam Raimi used to say in all of these interviews feeling guilty that I forced him into it&quot;. While interviewed by Collider in 2021, Raimi expressed that having directed Spider-Man 3 felt &quot;awful&quot; to him, as the film&#39;s overall negative reception soon became of his knowledge upon the film&#39;s release. He ultimately decided to direct another superhero film when his agent told him that he was being considered by Marvel Studios to direct Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022), feeling that he could still try to make another Marvel film. Following its mixed reception, Spider-Man 3 gained a wide meme popularity over the years and have amassed a cult follo
51 wing on social media among fans. Accolades Main article: List of accolades received by the 2002&ndash;2007 Spider-Man film series Both the 35th Annie Awards and 61st British Academy Film Awards gave this movie one nomination, the former for Best Animated Effects and the latter for Best Special Visual Effects. Spider-Man 3 did not win any of the four Visual Effects Society Awards nominations it received. Dunst&#39;s and Maguire&#39;s performances earned them each one nomination from the National Movie Awards. She also received another nomination for Favorite Movie Actress from the 2008 Kids&#39; Choice Awards ceremony. The movie fared better at the Teen Choice Awards, amounting a total of seven nominations, varying from Choice Movie Villain (for Grace) to Choice Movie Dance (for Maguire) and Choice Movie Liplock (shared between Maguire and Dun</span><br />
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