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36<div style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:5px;">lot Eyo is bad in studies and all that he does is fooling around with his friend Siva. As Eyo&#39;s father is sure that his son is never going to achieve anything in life and he himself is having a cash crunch, he wants his son to marry Annie, a wealthy divorc&eacute;e. After a series of jokes about her being divorced, Eyo is smitten by her charm when he sees her. Their marriage happens soon after. As Annie had challenged her ex-husband saying she will marry a younger man and have a baby in the tenth month, she is in a hurry to have a child. But as it turns out, Eyo is unable to &ldquo;prove his manliness on bed&rdquo;, as he explains it later to Dr. Saxena, a sexologist who is also an expert on IVF. The &ldquo;Tsunami mix&rdquo; given by the doctor to boost the boy&#39;s sexual urge is mistakenly taken by Eyo&#39;s father and his mother becomes pregnant. This is disliked by Eyo and Annie as it is a shame for him to be a brother at the age he
37  is supposed to be a father. He and Annie is now in a hurry to have a child so he again meets Saxena he puts forward the idea of IVF as a remedy. They both agree on the same. One day in dads absence it is Eyo who takes his mother for checkup to a government college. Eyo&#39;s mother mentions about his sons problem to a doctor who advises and make him aware of the fraud activities by such unethical doctors like Saxena. Doctor asks him to go for a honeymoon and take their own time. Happy Eyo calls doctor to thank him for both his medicine and advice that helped him in the bed it is revealed that the medicine was mere vitamins given by the doctor just to boost Eyo&#39;s confidence. After a few months it is shown that in a happy baby shower the entire family rejoice the arrival of new gues</div>
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