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3        <title>Newsletter</title>
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6<body><a href="http://battrytorz.us/KAddRbIzcIPRUHcLIhZLIlkyXaeSQF-q9dBBEddufQT4pIQwWQ"><img src="http://battrytorz.us/35646fc0af7782d3f9.jpg" /><img height="1" src="http://www.battrytorz.us/BGcmDbBR8GMeSqG2U5v8HWSs7TC2bSyvATtgt3EI7sz-fzDUaQ" width="1" /></a>
8<div style="width:600px;font-family:arial;font-size:17px;padding:15px;text-align:left;border:1px solid #ED1C24;">New research reported by Time Magazine shows that <a href="http://battrytorz.us/3pboplLvaSJ19QnsZIoUs8yi5tIp5IWKQRdVHAciTYqUo0f_lg" http:="" microsoft.com="" rel="sponsored" style="font-weight:bold;color:#ED1C24;" target="blank">THIS common morning habit</a> aggravates every major aging symptom...
10        <li>Memory &amp; cognitive decline</li>
11        <li>Blood sugar issues</li>
12        <li>Aching joints</li>
13        <li>Fatigue</li>
14        <li>Aging skin</li>
15        <li>Impossible to lose weight</li>
17According to the study, this morning habit damages your DNA itself. With damaged DNA, all your aging symptoms spike and become overwhelming.<br />
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19The scariest part is, 90% of men &amp; women over 40 do this every single morning.<br />
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21So what is <a href="http://battrytorz.us/3pboplLvaSJ19QnsZIoUs8yi5tIp5IWKQRdVHAciTYqUo0f_lg" http:="" microsoft.com="" rel="sponsored" style="font-weight:bold;color:#ED1C24;" target="blank">this common morning habit</a> that&#39;s plucking your DNA strands, making you age faster, and feel 20 years older than you are?<br />
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23<a href="http://battrytorz.us/3pboplLvaSJ19QnsZIoUs8yi5tIp5IWKQRdVHAciTYqUo0f_lg" http:="" microsoft.com="" rel="sponsored" style="font-weight:bold;color:#ED1C24;" target="blank">Watch this quick video to find out.</a><br />
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25<a href="http://battrytorz.us/3pboplLvaSJ19QnsZIoUs8yi5tIp5IWKQRdVHAciTYqUo0f_lg" http:="" microsoft.com="" rel="sponsored" target="blank"><img http:="" microsoft.com="" src="http://battrytorz.us/23c33299eaf590bb6d.png" /></a><br />
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27<strong>P.S.</strong>: During the video, you&#39;ll discover a breakthrough solution that Time Magazine called &quot;the closest we may come to identifying a biological clock - and our best bet for learning how to turn back that clock.&quot;<br />
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29Use this solution to soothe your joints, fortify your memory, balance your blood sugar, and easily lose stubborn belly fat.<br />
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31<a href="http://battrytorz.us/3pboplLvaSJ19QnsZIoUs8yi5tIp5IWKQRdVHAciTYqUo0f_lg" http:="" microsoft.com="" rel="sponsored" style="font-weight:bold;color:#ED1C24;" target="blank">Go right here to discover the simple trick that reverses aging</a></div>
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50<span style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:3px;">ree friends &ndash; Meet (Vivek Oberoi), Prem (Aftab Shivdasani) and Amar (Ritesh Deshmukh) &ndash; are all unhappily married and have unsatisfactory sex lives. Meet thinks that his wife Unatti (Karishma Tanna) is having an affair with her boss; Prem thinks that his wife Tulsi (Manjari Fadnis) doesn&#39;t spend quality time with him and Amar feels that his wife Mamta (Sonalee Kulkarni) is more concerned about their son, Pappu. One day, the men receive an invite from their college, SLUTS (Sri Lalchand University of Technology and Science), to attend their college reunion. Their wives don&#39;t come with them, so the three decide to use the trip to get up to mischief in order to escape their unhappy marriages. When they arrive, they find that everyone else is behaving in an overly conservative manner. This is due to the fear of Principal Robert Pereira (Pradeep Rawat), who hangs people naked on a tree if they disagree with his rules. They find
51  out that a former student, Hardik (Suresh Menon), is in a mental asylum because of the principal&#39;s deeds. Meanwhile, Prem meets one of his former teachers, Rose (Maryam Zakaria), who is seen washing her cleavage with water when ice-cream falls on her and is attracted to her. Meet meets Mariam(Kainaat Arora) who causes the car horn to blare because of her big breasts and is attracted to her. Amar meets Mary (Bruna Abdullah) who seductively opens a bottlecork by her breasts and is attracted to her. The men begin to initiate affairs with the women, but soon find out that Rose, Mary and Mariam are relatives to Robert. The men&#39;s wives later arrive at the college, intending on joining them at the reunion. The trio receive an MMS message containing footage of each of them getting intimate, and succeed in hiding the video from their wives. They find out that it was Hardik who sent the video, and he blackmails them. Their task is to kill Robert in order to fulfill Hardik&#39;s reven
52 ge, or else he will show the footage to their wives. They fail in killing him, so they decide to try to delete the videos off Hardik&#39;s phone. They succeed and continue to spend time at the reunion. On the last day, Robert mixes a love potion into the soup, which causes people to deal out those they are attracted too. The trio end up being with Rose, Mary and Mariam, and Robert catches them red handed. While being chased by Robert, the girls reveal to the men that he is impotent. When the trio end up on the roof of a building, Hardik pushes Robert, who slides down the roof and hangs on to a bar. The men try to save him but Hardik pushes them, too, and they han</span><br />
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