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40<span style="color:#FFFFFF; font-size:6px">otes Dates proposed for Pepi I&#39;s reign: 2390&ndash;2361 BC, 2354&ndash;2310 BC, 2338&ndash;2298 BC, 2335&ndash;2285 BC, 2332&ndash;2283 BC, 2321&ndash;2287 BC, 2289&ndash;2255 BC, 2285&ndash;2235 BC, 2276&ndash;2228 BC. Among her titles, Iput bore the titles of king&#39;s mother (mwt-niswt), mother of the king of Upper and Lower Egypt (mwt-niswt-biti) and king&#39;s mother of the pyramid Mennefer-Pepy (mwt-niswt-mn-nfr-ppy). Their names are also rendered as Ankhnespepy I and II. In addition, the Ancient Egyptians also used the variants Ankhesenmeryre I and II. In an alternative hypothesis, Hans Goedicke has proposed that Merenre&#39;s mother was the consort known only from her title &quot;Weret-Yamtes&quot;, responsible for the harem conspiracy against Pepi I. In this widely rejected hypothesis, Ankhesenpepi I was falsely claimed by the Ancient Egyptians to be Merenre&#39;s mother to safeguard his claim to the throne. Meritites has also
41 been proposed to be one of Pepi I&#39;s consorts rather than daughter, or an Eighth Dynasty queen buried here to indicate her filiation to Pepi I. Both views were proved wrong following excavations in Saqqara indicating she was Pepi&#39;s daughter. Vivienne Callendar proposed her as Pepi&#39;s eldest daughter, but excavations have now established that Meritites was the king&#39;s eldest daughter. In the case of Pepi I, the evolution of the name from Ancient Egyptian to Ancient Greek is understood to be as follows: &quot;Pjpj ~ *P?y?p?y? &gt; *P?y?py? &gt; *Py?? py? &gt; *Py?? p ~ &Phi;?&omicron;&sigmaf;&quot;. There has been some doubt whether the cattle count dating system was strictly biennial or slightly more irregular early in the Sixth Dynasty. That the latter situation appeared to be the case was suggested by the &quot;Year after the 18th Count, 3rd Month of Shemu day 27&quot; inscription from Wadi Hammamat No. 74&ndash;75 which mentions the &quot;first occurrence of the Heb S
42 ed&quot; in that year for Pepi. Normally, the Sed festival is first celebrated in a king&#39;s 30th year of reign while the 18th cattle count would have taken place in his 36th year, had it been strictly biennial. The Egyptologist Michel Baud points to a similar inscription dated to &quot;Year after the 18th Count, 4th Month of Shemu day 5&quot; in Sinai graffito No. 106. This could imply that the cattle count during the Sixth Dynasty was not regularly biennial, or that it was referenced continuously in the years following it. Michel Baud stresses that the year of the 18th count is preserved in the South Saqqara Stone and writes that: Between the mention of count 18  and the next memorial formula which belongs to count 19, end of register D, the available space for count 18+ is the expected half of the average size of a theoretical [year count] compartment. It is hard to believe that such a narrow space corresponds to the jubilee celebration, which obviously had a considerable impor
43 t</span></center>
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