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21<span style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:5px;">jal Aggarwal was selected as the heroine of this film in early June 2013 pairing with Rama Rao Jr. after two successful films Brindavanam (2010) and Baadshah (2013) whose inclusion was confirmed by Jagannadh in a statement to the media after few days. Ajaz Khan was signed as the antagonist of the film in July 2014. On the day of launch, it was confirmed that Prakash Raj, Madhuurima, Ali, Kota Srinivasa Rao and Posani Krishna Murali would play important roles along with Tanikella Bharani, Subbaraju, Vennela Kishore, Jaya Prakash Reddy, Sapthagiri, Ramaprabha, Pavithra Lokesh and Kovai Sarala. Aggarwal had shortage of bulk dates to accommodate and it was rumoured that Tamannaah or a new actress would replace her. Ganesh denied those rumours and confirmed Aggarwal&#39;s inclusion. Though initially planned to shoot simultaneously for a film by Sudhir Mishra, Aggarwal opted to continue with this film due to certain problems with Mishra&#39;s scri
22 pt. S. Sreesanth and Zarine Khan were speculated to be a part of the film&#39;s cast when they visited Jagannath&#39;s Cave but there was no official confirmation then. Naveena was reported to be considered for a small role. Impressed with his previous works, Jagannadh cast Sapthagiri for a special comedy role in the film. Nora Fatehi replaced Shruti Haasan in an item number. Jagannadh immediately selected her after her intense training to prepare for her role as a commando in the film Roar: Tigers of the Sundarbans (2014). R. Narayana Murthy was approached for a special character in the film opposite Rama Rao Jr. Murthy liked the role but declined it as he did not want to move to mainstream cinema and was content making left-oriented films. Sonia Agarwal was signed on to play a significant role in the film. Apoorva Srinivasan was cast for a small yet crucial supporting role marking her debut in Telugu cinema. Junaid Sheikh was selected to play a negative role. Characters and looks
23 N. T. Rama Rao Jr. was reported to be seen as a tough and eccentric police officer in this film. Regarding her character in the film, Madhuurima said that she plays a crucial role which is the turning point in the film. She later added that her role is a small one that changes the course of the protagonist&#39;s character graph. Aggarwal was confirmed to play the role of an animal lover in this film. For his role, Rama Rao Jr. hired a new trainer who specialises in improving muscle tone and shed few kilograms relying on high protein diet and workout routine to build a hefty body. He also sported a crew cut. A few still images of the film were leaked online on 26 November 2014 which confirmed Rama Rao Jr.&#39;s look in the film. Those stills were captured during the shoot at Goa, and they went viral on social networking sites. However, the makers tried to find out who leaked it online as they wanted the pictures to be released to create a buzz before the film&#39;s launch. Another st
24 ill was leaked on the next day which featured Rama Rao Jr. sitting on a Royal Enfield bike sans shirt sporting his six pack abs. The image was a working still taken on the be</span><br />
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