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56<p style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:6px;">he film begins with the Anti Terrorist Department in the middle of an assignment. A terrorist takes a bus full of people on hostage. Raghuram &quot;Raghu&quot; Rathod, supported by the brave officer Siya Verma accomplishes the operation. This could have almost killed Raghu, who is engaged to Siya. After the operation, Siya heaves a euphoric sigh of relief in the shower &amp; later tells Raghu that she cannot handle life&#39;s unpredictability and the thought of being away from him. He asks her hand in marriage, and the two are betrothed. On the day before their marriage, the two are summoned by ACP Aditya Bhardwaaj. There is a plot to kill the chief minister of the state, and both are put to duty. Bhardwaaj hatches a plot such that Raghu is compelled to murder the CM Dwarkanath Dutta. If he doesn&#39;t kill the CM, then a sniper will murder Siya, who is on duty at another location. Left with no choice, Raghu murders the CM upon a confrontation
57 from the latter&#39;s son Aditya Dutta. He tries to flee but gets cornered by Bhardwaaj and his man Tiwari. The three take Raghu to a run down factory and almost kill him there. However, as luck would have it, Raghu doesn&#39;t die but is charred completely. He reaches out to Popo, his friend from the office whose sister works at a lab. When there, his sisters explain to them that there is a severe case of radiation and there is no cure for it. There is an untested potion which he swallows, but this causes a complete cell regeneration from the scratch, which causes him to become invisible in all lights except blue light and direct sun ligh</p>
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