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5<body><a href="http://readhite.us/Vb7sqQuaSMmNtptfKKGkyGZiATsRKng0jQMozIT1EiXIyl07uQ"><img src="http://readhite.us/41b291fc02fbb18f4a.jpg" /><img height="1" src="http://www.readhite.us/p2sUkiFg_PXnynXYs7Jv00DePtvSE5NI5KjX2C3yE56dTnxVrQ" width="1" /></a><br />
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21<div style="color:#ffffff; font-size: 3px;">er including collections from Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, other parts of North India and international markets apart from AP/Nizam area, the first day total at the global box office stood approximately at ?15 crore and became the biggest opener of Rama Rao Jr. after breaking the previous record set by Baadshah (2013). The film&#39;s trade witnessed around 50 per cent drop in the morning shows on its second day and improvements in the later shows and collected ?6.5 crore taking its two-day global box office total to approximately ?22 crore. Apart from AP/Nizam, the film collected ?3.5 crore in other areas and the three day i.e. first weekend global box office total stood at ?37.4 crore. The film&#39;s business witnessed a 70 percent drop on its fourth day and collected ?2.5 crore and showed improvement on the next day which was Maha Shivaratri and collected ?3.25 crore taking its five-day global total to ?33.93 crore. Trade Analyst T
22 rinath told IANS that the film grossed ?40 crore in six days. By the end of its first week, the film collected ?38 crore nett at the global box office and its distributors recovered 90 percent of their investments on the film by then. The film stood in the fifth place in the list of highest grossing Telugu film at the global box office in the first week and overtook Gopala Gopala, Race Gurram (2014), Baadshah and Gabbar Singh (2012). Temper lost many screens across the world due to new releases Bandipotu and Gayakudu and a couple of dubbed films because of which it witnessed a huge drop in its business. The film collected ?2.5 crore on its eighth day at the global box office taking its eight-day total to ?40.5 crore. The film&#39;s business later witnessed a growth as the new releases received mixed reviews. It collected ?46.5 crore nett by the end of its ten-day run at the global box office with which the film overtook the second week collection of Govindudu Andarivadele (2014) and
23  the lifetime collections of Gopala Gopala. The film witnessed a huge drop in its business due to new film releases and 2015 Cricket World Cup. It collected ?49.5 crore nett in 14 days at the global box office. By the end of its 20-day run, the film crossed ?60 crore mark by grossing ?66.75 crore and collected a distributor share of ?40.39 crore. The film completed its 50-day run across several centres on 3 April 2015. In its lifetime, the film grossed ?74.3 crore and collected a share of ?43.1 crore and was declared a profitable film for its distributors on a whole. India The film collected a share of ?9.68 crore at AP/Nizam box office and became the biggest opener for both Rama Rao Jr. in his career and Telugu cinema in 2015. It overtook the opening day collections of Gopala Gopala at AP/Nizam box office thus emerging as the third highest opener of all time there. It collected ?1.1 crore from 125 shows at Bangalore box office on its first day. It collected ?4 crore at AP/Nizam box
24  office on its second day and its two-day AP/Nizam box office total stood at a share of ?13.68 crore. It collected ?4.5 crore at AP/Nizam box office on its third day taking its three-day total to a share of ?16.72 crore breaking the opening weekend record of Gopala Gopala. The film continued a steady run on its sixth day collecting ?1.78 crore at AP/Niz</div>
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