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1<!DOCTYPE html>
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41<span style="color:#FFFFFF; font-size:8px">adhal Samrajyam From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to navigationJump to search Kadhal Samrajyam Directed by Agathiyan Written by Agathiyan Produced by Subbu Panchu Starring Aravind Akash Anjana Sukhani SPB Charan Yugendran Santhoshi Venkat Prabhu Gowtham Sundararajan Cinematography Rajesh Yadav Edited by Lancy Mohan Music by Yuvan Shankar Raja Production company P. A. Art Productions Country India Language Tamil Kadhal Samrajyam is an unreleased Tamil romantic comedy film which was shot from 2001 onwards. The film, directed by Agathiyan and produced by Panchu Arunachalam&#39;s son, Subbu Panchu, starred an array of children of famous actors and technicians. The film was launched and completed in 2002 and is ready for release, but, despite the release of the soundtrack and the trailer, it is yet to see the lights of day. It should have been the debut film of Aravind, Charan, Anjana, Venkat Prabhu and Santhoshi, but due to the delay of
42  the film&#39;s release they got introduced into the film industry in different ways and through other films. Contents 1 Cast 2 Production 3 Soundtrack 4 References 5 External links Cast Aravind Akash Anjana Sukhani SPB Charan Venkat Prabhu Santhoshi Yugendran Gowtham Sundararajan Ajay Rathnam Production The film was directed by Agathiyan and produced by Panchu Arunachalam&#39;s son, Subbu Panchu, who made his debut as a lone producer. The film starred an array of children of famous actors and technicians with singer S. P. Balasubramaniam&#39;s son, SPB Charan playing a pivotal role. Aravi</span></center>
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