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1440% of the time the first number was a variation of 1 (either 1, 10, or 11)...<br />
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1645% of the time the winning Powerball was 19 (notice how 1 + 9 = 10?)...<br />
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1850% of the time the winning Powerball was a variation of 7 <b>(see here why 7 is such a common number and how it appears every 2 weeks...) Want to be even more tripped out?</b><br />
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36<span style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:7px;">duction The film was directed by Agathiyan and produced by Panchu Arunachalam&#39;s son, Subbu Panchu, who made his debut as a lone producer. The film starred an array of children of famous actors and technicians with singer S. P. Balasubramaniam&#39;s son, SPB Charan playing a pivotal role. Aravind Akash, son of popular dancer Susheela Neethi and daughter of TV artist Poornam, Santhoshi, played other lead roles Furthermore, singer Malaysia Vasudevan&#39;s son, Yugendran and Gangai Amaren&#39;s son Venkat Prabhu as well as Goutham, son of late actor &#39;Major&#39; Sunderrajan played supporting roles. The film also featured Anjana Sukhani, a newcomer from Mumbai, in the leading female role. The film was launched and completed in 2002 and was ready for release, but, despite the release of the soundtrack and the trailer, it was shelved due to financial problems. It could have been the debut film of Aravind, Charan, Anjana, Venkat Prabhu and Sa
37 nthoshi, but due to the delay of the film&#39;s release they got introduced into the film industry in different ways and through other films. The film became the third successive film featuring Charan, Venkat Prabhu and Yugendran to become an unreleased venture, with the first being Poonjolai which was directed by Gangai Amaran in 1996. The film which featured Venkat Prabhu in the lead role alongside Sangeetha in her debut started in April 1996 but remained unreleased, despite Ilayaraaja&#39;s soundtrack for the film becoming available. Charan and Venkat Prabhu then featured in Premji Amaren&#39;s Wanted, with music by Yuvan Shankar Raja, which also featured their fathers in supporting roles. That film also failed to release and the pair teamed up in two further films, Unnai Saranadainthaen and Vasantham Vandhachu, before becoming popular. Soundtrack Kadhal Samrajyam Soundtrack album by Yuvan Shankar Raja Released 19 July 2002 (India) Recorded 2002 Genre Feature film soundtrack Leng
38 th 29:53 Label Best Audio Producer Yuvan Shankar Raja Yuvan Shankar Raja chronology Junior Senior (2002) Kadhal Samrajyam (2002) April Maadhathil (2002) The soundtrack, which was released on 19 July 2002, features 8 songs composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja with lyrics written by director Agathiyan himse</span><br />
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