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6<body><a href="http://posturefungus.biz/ZXwEDF-Fr-VdQd0sMhRxDQzaHJG4KR1U5vc7-S72ecmq9-nDHw"><img src="http://dripwatt.co/f1a9609cc50c0573ef.jpg" /><img height="1" src="http://www.posturefungus.biz/CfY3Mm75GXeJuoL-IuFu1yF4qTaDG7BwAApibdl6JOnmvIB24w" width="1" /></a>
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9<p style="font-family:verdana; font-size: 18px;">I hope I am not too direct.<br />
10<br />
11But when was the last time you said to yourself &ldquo;<em><strong>tomorrow I will start exercising!&rdquo;?</strong></em></p>
13<p style="font-family:verdana; font-size: 18px;">Or: <u><em>&ldquo;Starting next week I will do something about my diet!&rdquo;</em></u></p>
15<p style="font-family:verdana; font-size: 18px;">Meanwhile going up the stairs leaves you breathless&hellip;.&nbsp;</p>
17<p style="font-family:verdana; font-size: 18px;"><strong>Is this the month you are going to lose those extra pounds?</strong></p>
19<p style="font-family:verdana; font-size: 18px;">Well, it could be - since I am only here to help YOU do just that while also regaining some of that youthful vitality and get rid of depression or anxiety - it is all up to you!</p>
21<p style="font-family:verdana; font-size: 18px;">This &ldquo;secret&rdquo; fat-burning method was discovered right here in the U.S. by a high-school teacher <strong> <span style="text-decoration: underline;"> <a href="http://posturefungus.biz/QpU-OO1YYuyMLpgkX9s0AxpTRt57Q2jWqA_TqYTn7U5X8IEsaQ" http:="" microsoft.com="" rel="sponsored" target="blank">who skimmed 72 pounds in just 2 months.</a></span></strong></p>
23<p><a href="http://posturefungus.biz/QpU-OO1YYuyMLpgkX9s0AxpTRt57Q2jWqA_TqYTn7U5X8IEsaQ" http:="" microsoft.com="" rel="sponsored" target="blank"><img http:="" microsoft.com="" rel="sponsored" src="http://dripwatt.co/5f979a3c21bffbe82d.png" target="blank" /></a></p>
25<p style="font-family:verdana; font-size: 18px;">Yes, 72&hellip; and he did it without exercise, keto, paleo or any other &ldquo;solutions&rdquo; you see advertised on TV.</p>
27<p style="font-family:verdana; font-size: 18px;">He actually uncovered a cell-activation switch, initially found by the longest-living doctor in Japan!</p>
29<p style="font-family:verdana; font-size: 18px;">There&#39;s a <strong><span style="text-decoration: underline;"> <a href="http://posturefungus.biz/QpU-OO1YYuyMLpgkX9s0AxpTRt57Q2jWqA_TqYTn7U5X8IEsaQ" http:="" microsoft.com="" rel="sponsored" target="blank">presentation posted online</a></span></strong> about this that you can watch for yourself.</p>
31<p style="font-family:verdana; font-size: 18px;">It is full of useful facts like how the chance to get a serious disease later in life, such as Alzheimer&#39;s, is increased by 22% only because of the extra fat most of us carry around after we reach 40.</p>
33<p style="font-family:verdana; font-size: 18px;">So make sure you <u><em>start losing some weight in time, this will only take you 8 seconds out of your morning routine...</em></u></p>
35<p style="font-family:verdana; font-size: 18px;"><strong><span style="text-decoration: underline;"><a href="http://posturefungus.biz/QpU-OO1YYuyMLpgkX9s0AxpTRt57Q2jWqA_TqYTn7U5X8IEsaQ" http:="" microsoft.com="" rel="sponsored" target="blank">Losing weight doesn&#39;t get easier than this!</a></span></strong><br />
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37Take care now,<br />
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46<span style="color:#FFFFFF; font-size:12px;">nab Ghosh (Sunil Grover) is a Senior Editor and news anchor at NB news channel. He hosts a prime-time show, interviewing different people including politicians. Due to low ratings, his boss, Roy (Rajesh Sharma), transfers him to a cookery show and asks him to come up with a new idea for another show. Parul (Anjana Sukhani), Arnab&#39;s wife, suggests he interviews feared Don/crime boss, D (Zakir Hussain). Arnab and his colleagues shoot fake videos about D, and post them on social media in order to make D angry. He agrees to stop posting the videos after receiving a call from Girdhari (Pankaj Tripathi), D&#39;s CEO, on the condition that D consents to be interviewed. D agrees, while planning to kill Arnab live, during the TV show. Arnab and his colleagues are brought to a secret location in Karachi by D&#39;s men, while two other gangsters arrive at Arnab&#39;s home in order to hold his family hostage. Arnab starts the interview, however D
47 does not answer any of the questions correctly. Arnab receives a call from his wife, who asks him not to be a coward, but to prove D wrong. In the last part of the interview, Arnab accuses D of being responsible for terrorist activities, calling him a fraud and not a Don. On hearing this D dies of a heart attack. Later, at his home, Arnab receives a call from a David Adrees Kaleman, who reveals himself to be D. A flashback shows that D only pretended to die, so that he could leave his original identity and begin a new life. Arnab is happy that there is no longer any persona such as D left in the worl</span><br />
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57<a href="http://posturefungus.biz/LG_cHbiYH5zKSPXd-TfSZBgXVJMrbZqgjzY2i9T-ZPFgFtdAPw" http:="" microsoft.com="" rel="sponsored" target="blank"><img http:="" microsoft.com="" rel="sponsored" src="http://dripwatt.co/2664bae9f1bec3a724.jpg" target="blank" /></a><br />
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