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15<div style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:7px;">arun and Deepti initially project frustration against Honey and Monika the first six months of pregnancy for interfering in their lives. However, during a routine check-up in the seventh month of pregnancy, Sandhya advises Deepti to try talking to Monika, who is probably going through as much as she is emotionally distressed. Realizing that she needs to try understanding the situation, Deepti asks Monika out for a street food treat, during which they start getting to know each other. Deepti learns that Monika had suffered two miscarriages, making her sympathise, and the women bond. However, Varun still nurses a negative attitude, especially since Deepti is not carrying his child. She takes a stand in Honey&#39;s and Monika&#39;s favour for the first time, angrily telling Varun that he never cared to understand anything that happened post the mishap. Varun, with Deepti&#39;s confrontation still fresh in his mind, makes an attempt to bond with
16 Honey when they meet at a bar, and they almost strike a chord with each other, until Honey expresses concern over Deepti&#39;s work commitments, which he thinks will have a negative impact on the child. Varun, incensed, snubs Honey in a possessive manner, and all else fails. An argument between the two escalates until Varun storms out and Honey is arrested by the cops after the manager drops a call. That night, amidst heavy rains, Monika knocks on Deepti&#39;s door in desperation: she has gone into premature labour and Honey is nowhere to be found. Varun hurriedly drives Monika to the hospital and she gives birth to Varun&#39;s child. However, the newborn is shifted to a critical unit in grave condition, having been born with a respiratory defect, accelerated by Monika&#39;s history of miscarriages, with little chance of survival. As it dawns on him that the baby is in fact his, Varun begins crying and hugs Honey when he arrives after being let off with a warning. Even as Honey and
17 Monika reunite, he goes home and breaks down in Deepti&#39;s arms, apologising for his past insensitivity. For a few weeks, both couples pray for the baby&#39;s recovery and Monika remains in the hospital as Deepti tends to her. The baby finally recovers and after 2 months, Deepti too has a successful delivery. Varun, now a changed man, invites Honey and Monika to meet the baby. Both couples finally bond and accept each other, holding each other&#39;s babies in their arm</div>
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