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35<span style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:6px;">st Akshay Kumar as Varun Batra Kareena Kapoor Khan as Deepti &quot;Deepu&quot; Kashyap Batra Diljit Dosanjh as Honey Batra Kiara Advani as Monika &quot;Moni&quot; Batra Tisca Chopra as Dr. Sandhya Joshi Adil Hussain as Dr. Anand Joshi Anjana Sukhani as Advocate Richa Batra Ahuja Faisal Rashid as Vivek Ahuja Mohit Raina as Flight Passenger (Cameo) Sunita Dhir as Manjot Batra Amishka Sood as the IVF Hopsital Receptionist Yukta Mookhey as patient at IVF centre Richa Kapoor as Reeta Batra Pradeep Kuckreja as Rajan Batra Kavita Pais as Kamini Kashyap Shivam Pal as the Airport cab driver Karan Ashar as Akash Singhania Taksh Dave as Varun&#39;s Showroom kid Vishwa Sharma as the Old IVF Patient Special appearances Karan Johar in the song &quot;Chandigarh Mein&quot; Badshah in the song &quot;Chandigarh Mein&quot; Harrdy Sandhu in the song &quot;Chandigarh Mein&quot; Sukhbir in the song &quot;Sauda Khara Khara&quot; Production Pre-production This film
36 &#39;s name was announced on Twitter as &ndash; Good Newwz. It is Dosanjh&#39;s first film under the banner of Dharma Productions. Filming Filming commenced in December 2018, with Dosanjh and Advani filming their scenes. Kumar and Kapoor joined filming in January and announced it by posting on Instagram. During a recent interview and in a Twitter post, Kumar said about Kapoor, &quot;We are extremely fond of each other. Bebo and Lolo tease me about the amount of money I&rsquo;m making and I tease them about having a flat in every building in Bandra. That&#39;s our fun banter.&quot;&#39; Anjana Sukhani of Golmaal fame joined the cast to essay an important role, which was revealed to be that of Kumar&#39;s sister. The filming was finished in the first week of Ap</span><br />
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