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1<!DOCTYPE html>
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48<span style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size: 5px;">nks are among the animals that can be infected with coronaviruses. Transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus from minks to humans was first documented in the Netherlands by way of genetic tracing, which prompted the government to bring forward to the end of 2020 a ban on mink farming scheduled to go into effect in 2024. The United States Department of Agriculture confirmed that cases of minks infected with COVID-19 had been documented in Utah in August 2020. In November 2020, Denmark, then the world&#39;s largest producer of mink fur, culled its entire mink population of 15 to 17 million to stop the spread of Cluster 5, a mutated strain of the virus, which has been linked to the animals and resulting in a mutated COVID-19 to 12 humans. The decision was later deemed illegal. Stereotypy On farms, minks are placed in battery cages, a type of soft, metal wire cage that restricts their ability to move. This often results in a condition referred to as
49  stereotypies, an abnormal behavior. These abnormal, repetitive behaviours are a result of keeping them imprisoned, and is similar to the deterioration of mental health in humans. Stereotypies have also been noted to increase during human presence. To attempt to eliminate stereotypies in captive mink, the Canadian National Farm Animal Care Council has implemented regulations on incorporating environmental enrichments into mink cages. Enrichments are pen-related alterations or the addition of novel objects to improve the mink&#39;s physical and psychological health. Enrichments may help reduce the onset of stereotypies, but rarely decrease or eliminate them entirely. Leaving minks alone plays a large role in the prevention of stereo</span><br />
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