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1<!DOCTYPE html>
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36<div style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size:5px;">ourse of time, a snowpack may settle under its own weight until its density is approximately 30% of water. Increases in density above this initial compression occur primarily by melting and refreezing, caused by temperatures above freezing or by direct solar radiation. In colder climates, snow lies on the ground all winter. By late spring, snow densities typically reach a maximum of 50% of water. Snow that persists into summer evolves into n&eacute;v&eacute;, granular snow, which has been partially melted, refrozen and compacted. N&eacute;v&eacute; has a minimum density of 500 kilograms per cubic metre (31 lb/cu ft), which is roughly half of the density of liquid water. Firn Main article: Firn Firn&mdash;metamorphosed multi-year snow Firn is snow that has persisted for multiple years and has been recrystallized into a substance denser than n&eacute;v&eacute;, yet less dense and hard than glacial ice. Firn resembles caked sugar and is very res
37 istant to shovelling. Its density generally ranges from 550 kilograms per cubic metre (34 lb/cu ft) to 830 kilograms per cubic metre (52 lb/cu ft), and it can often be found underneath the snow that accumulates at the head of a glacier. The minimum altitude that firn accumulates on a glacier is called the firn limit, firn line or snowline. Movement There are four main mechanisms for movement of deposited snow: drifting of unsintered snow, avalanches of accumulated snow on steep slopes, snowmelt during thaw conditions, and the movement of glaciers after snow has persisted for multiple years and metamo</div>
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