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25<p style="color:#FFFFFF;">ted, a pursuit that can take up to five hours. In biological pest control, predators (and parasitoids) from a pest&#39;s natural range are introduced to control populations, at the risk of causing unforeseen problems. Natural predators, provided they do no harm to non-pest species, are an environmentally friendly and sustainable way of reducing damage to crops and an alternative to the use of chemical agents such as pesticides. Symbolic uses The Capitoline Wolf suckling Romulus and Remus, the mythical founders of Rome In film, the idea of the predator as a dangerous if humanoid enemy is used in the 1987 science fiction horror action film Predator and its three sequels. A terrifying predator, a gigantic man-eating great white shark, is central, too, to Steven Spielberg&#39;s 1974 thriller Jaws. Among poetry on the theme of predation, a predator&#39;s consciousness might be explored, such as in Ted Hughes&#39;s Pike. The phrase &quot;Nature, red in tooth and claw&quot; from Alfred, Lord Tennyson&#39;s 1849 poem &quot;In Memoriam A.H.H.&quot; has been interpreted as referring to the struggle between predators and prey. In mythology and folk fable, predators such as the fox and wolf have mixed reputations. The fox was a symbol of fertility in ancient Greece, but a weather demon in northern Europe, and a creature of the devil in early Christianity; the fox is presented as sly, greedy, and cunning in fables from Aesop onwards. The big bad wolf is known to children in tales such as Little Red Riding Hood, but is a demonic figure in the Icelandic Edda sagas, where the wolf Fenrir appears in the apoc</p>
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