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48<span style="color:#FFFFFF;font-size: 5px;">sband inherited $65 million from his father&#39;s estate, Alva set her sights on owning a yacht. William had the Alva commission by Harlan and Hollingsworth of Wilmington, Delaware, at a cost of $500,000. While J.P. Morgan&#39;s yacht Corsair was 165 feet long, Mrs. Astor&#39;s Nourmahal was 233 feet and even Alva&#39;s departed father-in-law&#39;s North Star measured 270 feet, this generation would have a yacht, at 285 feet long, that was the largest private yacht in the world. The Vanderbilts then toured the Caribbean and Europe in the highest fashion. This being done, Alva then wanted a &quot;summer cottage&quot; in fashionable Newport, Rhode Island. William commissioned Richard Morris Hunt again, and the elaborate Marble House was built next door to Mrs. Astor&#39;s Beechwood. Alva&#39;s ostentatious displays of wealth helped to fuel American public interest in the lives of the rich and powerful, and, coupled with the opulent and decade
49 nt lifestyles by America&#39;s rich and their apparent disregard for the wellbeing of the working class, helped to also fuel fears that America had become a plutocracy. Second marriage Belcourt Castle, the Belmont summerhouse in Newport, Rhode Island. Alva Vanderbilt shocked society in March 1895 when she divorced her husband who had long been unfaithful, at a time when divorce was rare among the elite, and received a large financial settlement said to be in excess of $10 million, in addition to several estates. She already owned Marble House outright. The grounds for divorce were allegations of William&#39;s adultery, although there were some who believed that William had hired a woman to pretend to be his seen mistress so that Alva would divorce him. Alva remarried on January 11, 1896, to Oliver Hazard Perry Belmont, one of her ex-husband&#39;s old friends. Oliver had been a friend of the Vanderbilts since the late 1880s and like William was a great fan of yachting and horseraces.
50  He had accompanied them on at least two long voyages aboard their yacht the Alva. Scholars have written that it seems to ha</span><br />
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