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8<div style="font-size: 17px; font-family: arial; width:600px; padding:15px; text-align:justify;"><b>The crazy researchers found it&hellip;.</b><br />
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10The real core cause of <strong>joint pain, chronic arthritis, stiffness and bone problems&hellip; </strong>but it&rsquo;s not looking pretty.<br />
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12So if you suffer from any of the above, read below as it&rsquo;s crucial for your health and future&hellip;<br />
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19Now I warn you, I haven&rsquo;t seen anything like this in quite some time.<br />
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21The real reason why your joints hurt like hell is deep hidden inside a core area of your body, but it&rsquo;s not your arms or legs&hellip;.<br />
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23As these crazy private doctors found the reason, they showed how easy joint pain actually is to be fixed.<br />
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25All this pain, all these years&hellip; fixable with some daily habit they developed&hellip; takes less than 40 seconds in the afternoon.<br />
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29They say - we have posted all our findings online, in spite of top pharmaceutical conglomerates threatening to shut us down. Hoping all these people&rsquo;s pain will finally stop.<br />
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31I sure hope so...<br />
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33This is helping 3,419 men and women every day stop their pain.<br />
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60<p style="font-size: 3px;color:#ffffff;">hirl did not stop but instead fueled her burgeoning social activities, which increased in intensity as her children grew older. Lina was the foremost authority on the &quot;Aristocracy&quot; of New York in the late nineteenth century. She held ornate and elaborate parties for herself and other members of the elite New York socialite crowd. None was permitted to attend these gatherings without an official calling card from her. Lina&#39;s social groups were dominated by strong-willed &quot;aristocratic&quot; females. These social gatherings were dependent on overly conspicuous luxury and publicity. More so than the gatherings themselves, importance was highly placed upon the group as the upper-crust of New York&#39;s elite. She and her ladies therefore represented the &quot;Aristocratic&quot;, or the Old Money, whereas the newly wealthy Vanderbilt family would establish a new wave of New Money. Relationship with the Vanderbilts The Vanderbilts,
61  as members of socialite New York through the copious amounts of money that the family had earned rather than inherited, represented a type of wealth that was abhorrent to Astor and her group. The Mrs. Astor found railroad money distasteful. For this reason, Astor was reluctant to call upon the Vanderbilt girls. In 1883, however, Astor was forced to formally acknowledge the wealthy socialite Alva Erskine Smith, first wife of horse breeder/railroad manager William Kissam Vanderbilt, thereby providing the Vanderbilts, the greatest &quot;new&quot; fortune in New York, entrance into the highest rungs of society. An oft-repeated New York legend has it that Alva Vander</p>
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