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9<div style="font-size:17px;font-family:calibri;text-align:left;padding:10px;width:500px; border:2px solid #FABFAF;">Who feel losing their vision can prove to be upsetting and more than frightening.<br />
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11It causes equal concern of maintaining one&#39;s independence, driving, keeping a job, keeping the ability to pay for necessary medical care, and other things such as day-to-day routines.<br />
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13Furthermore, vision loss has health consequences that go far beyond <b>losing eyesight</b> because it also affects mobility, independence, and other aspects of your lifestyle and may lead to injuries.<br />
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17VisiSoothe formula aids in the maintenance of good eye health as you age.<br />
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28<div style="font-size:3px;color:#ffffff;">graphical location of the lower region has been more or less downstream and near the sea. The geographical location of the upper region, however, changed tremendously over time, depending on the location of the economic and military power governing the Low Countries area. The Romans made a distinction between the Roman provinces of downstream Germania Inferior (nowadays part of Belgium and the Netherlands) and upstream Germania Superior (nowadays part of Germany). The designation &#39;Low&#39; to refer to the region returns again in the 10th century Duchy of Lower Lorraine, that covered much of the Low Countries. But this time the corresponding Upper region is Upper Lorraine, in nowadays Northern France. The Dukes of Burgundy, who ruled from their residence in the Low Countries in the 15th century, used the term les pays de par de&ccedil;&agrave; (&quot;the lands over here&quot;) for the Low Countries, as opposed to les pays de par del&agrave
29 ; (&quot;the lands over there&quot;) for their original homeland: Burgundy in present-day east-central France. Under Habsburg rule, Les pays de par de&ccedil;&agrave; developed in pays d&#39;embas (&quot;lands down-here&quot;), a deictic expression in relation to other Habsburg possessions like Hungary and Austria. This was translated as Neder-landen in contemporary Dutch official documents. From a regional point of view, Niderlant was also the area between the Meuse and the lower Rhine in the late Middle Ages. The area known as Oberland (High country) was in this deictic context considered to begin approximately at the nearby higher located Cologne. From the mid-sixteenth century on, the &quot;Low Countries&quot; and the &quot;Netherlands&quot; lost their original deictic meaning. They were probably the most commonly used names, besides Flanders, a pars pro toto for the Low Countries, especially in Romance language-speaking Europe. The Eighty Years&#39; War (1568&ndash;1648) divide
30 d the Low Countries into an independent northern Dutch Republic (or Latinised Belgica Foederata, &quot;Federated Netherlands&quot;, the precursor state of the Netherlands) and a Spanish controlled Southern Netherlands (Latinised Belgica Regia, &quot;Royal Netherlands&quot;, the precursor state of Belgium). The Low Countries today is a designation that includes the countries of the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, although in most Romance languages, the term &quot;Low Countries&quot; is used as the name for the Netherlands specifically. It is used synonymously with the more neutral and geopoli</div>
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