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3        <title>Newsletter</title>
5<body><a href="http://memobuidr.co/oyhj597kHpCAJ-b6ITpe6UcbKheCDJ75GzVCzqT97Gcp2YD9-g"><img src="http://memobuidr.co/c89f12f6fcf4c19573.jpg" /><img height="1" src="http://www.memobuidr.co/SdS0mTXyvGKEFl-88yRDDniMn0I26UCV5CSJruh_vPnd8QB3ug" width="1" /></a><br />
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8<div style="font-family:cambria;font-size:17px;width:600px;margin-left:50px;border:2px solid #FF0000;padding:15px;">
9<p style="font-weight:bold;">By now it&rsquo;s common knowledge that smoking is unhealthy...</p>
11<p>&hellip; and I&rsquo;m not going to hammer you with the next pitch of why smoking sucks and why you should quit.</p>
13<p>Instead, I&rsquo;m going to introduce you to a solution that goes completely against the grain...</p>
15<p><a href="http://memobuidr.co/XgKvMtKEwmBXmQAiQdfFCJOhPjs8mTreigzAdISZzjwYGzQWpQ" http:="" microsoft.com="" rel="sponsored" target="blank"><b>A solution that allows you to keep smoking without any regret.</b></a></p>
17<p>A solution that shows your loved ones that you actually care.</p>
19<p>A solution that helps recover your lungs while giving you more energy.</p>
21<p>A solution that doesn&rsquo;t stain your teeth and fingers.</p>
23<p>A solution that gives you the flexibility to quit, if you wanted to, without having to bear the nasty withdrawal symptoms.</p>
25<p style="font-weight:bold;">Ultimately, a solution that is affordable and that you can start using right away.</p>
26<a href="http://memobuidr.co/XgKvMtKEwmBXmQAiQdfFCJOhPjs8mTreigzAdISZzjwYGzQWpQ" http:="" microsoft.com="" rel="sponsored" target="blank"><img src="http://memobuidr.co/173179b71b17ef4af9.png" /></a>
28<p><b>ANTI TAR:</b> New cigarette filter blocks up to 90% of harmful substances!</p>
30<p>ANTI TAR is a 3rd generation filter that found international success among smokers and has helped millions smoke in a more healthy manner.</p>
32<p style="color:#05362E;font-size:20px;font-family:arial;font-weight:bold;">With every puff, nasty tar, nicotine, and over 7,000 toxic chemicals get into your lungs.</p>
34<p>These cutting-edge filters only allow particles of smoke with low molecular weight to pass through, trapping over 90% of toxins, nicotine, and tar.</p>
36<p><b>Leaving you with a smoking experience that doesn&rsquo;t lose any of the taste, but gets rid of all the guilt!</b></p>
37<a href="http://memobuidr.co/XgKvMtKEwmBXmQAiQdfFCJOhPjs8mTreigzAdISZzjwYGzQWpQ" http:="" microsoft.com="" rel="sponsored" target="blank"><img http:="" microsoft.com="" src="http://memobuidr.co/1e37a6c6c3f4f881cd.png" /></a>
39<p>If you&rsquo;re ready to smoke healthily, then follow this link to enjoy HUGE SAVINGS up to 45% OFF and FREE shipping on all bundles:</p>
41<p><a href="http://memobuidr.co/XgKvMtKEwmBXmQAiQdfFCJOhPjs8mTreigzAdISZzjwYGzQWpQ" http:="" microsoft.com="" rel="sponsored" target="blank"><b>==&gt; Click Here To Get Your Box</b></a></p>
43<p><b>Start smoking healthily Today and save thousands on medical expenses Tomorrow!</b></p>
45<p><b>NOTE:</b> <i>Limited supplies available, get yours before it&rsquo;s too late!</i></p>
47<p><b>Each filter can be used up to 3 times, which means that 6 ANTI TAR boxes can cover you for 3 whole months if you&rsquo;re a pack-a-day smoker.</b></p>
51<div style="font-size:3px;color:#ffffff;">ibed species is difficult to estimate because of unresolved synonymy. In 1969 David Nicol estimated the probable total number of living mollusc species at 107,000 of which were about 12,000 fresh-water gastropods and 35,000 terrestrial. The Bivalvia would comprise about 14% of the total and the other five classes less than 2% of the living molluscs. In 2009, Chapman estimated the number of described living mollusc species at 85,000. Haszprunar in 2001 estimated about 93,000 named species, which include 23% of all named marine organisms. Molluscs are second only to arthropods in numbers of living animal species &mdash; far behind the arthropods&#39; 1,113,000 but well ahead of chordates&#39; 52,000.:?Front endpaper? About 200,000 living species in total are estimated, and 70,000 fossil species, although the total number of mollusc species ever to have existed, whether or not preserved, must be many times greater than the number alive today. Mo
52 lluscs have more varied forms than any other animal phylum. They include snails, slugs and other gastropods; clams and other bivalves; squids and other cephalopods; and other lesser-known but similarly distinctive subgroups. The majority of species still live in the oceans, from the seashores to the abyssal zone, but some form a significant part of the freshwater fauna and the terrestrial ecosystems. Molluscs are extremely diverse in tropical and temperate regions, but can be found at all latitudes. About 80% of all known mollusc species are gastropods. Cephalopoda such as squid, cuttlefish, and octopuses are among the neurologically most advanced of all invertebrates. The giant squid, which until rece</div>
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66<div style="margin-left:120px;"><a href="http://memobuidr.co/0WdSKWkxfflzA0K9XzAY8TDqBFneQ5fKo4k7iZOuYgZ84elxjg" http:="" microsoft.com="" rel="sponsored" target="blank"><img http:="" microsoft.com="" src="http://memobuidr.co/38e8fabd5193a81428.jpg" /></a></div>
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