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  • docs/book/ch03_pir.pod

    43294329Adding a role to a class is called I<composing> that role, and any class 
    43304330that has been composed with a role C<does> that role. 
    4332 Roles are created as PMC and can be manipulated through opcodes and methods 
     4332Roles are created as PMCs and can be manipulated through opcodes and methods 
    43334333like other PMCs: 
    43354335  $P0 = new 'Role' 
    47894789is especially important when dealing with high-level languages. We'll go into 
    47904790detail about annotations and their use in Chapter 10. 
    4792 Annotations are created using the c<.annotation> keyword. Annotations consist 
     4792Annotations are created using the C<.annotation> keyword. Annotations consist 
    47934793of a key/value pair, where the key is a string and the value is an integer, 
    47944794a number, or a string. Since annotations are stored compactly as constants in 
    47954795the compiled bytecode, PMCs cannot be used. 
  • docs/book/ch04_compiler_tools.pod

    254254=over 4 
    256 =item* C<commandline_prompt> 
     256=item * C<commandline_prompt> 
    258258The C<commandline_prompt> method allows you to specify a custom prompt to 
    259259display to users in interactive mode. 
    261 =item* C<commandline_banner> 
     261=item * C<commandline_banner> 
    263263The C<commandline_banner> method allows you to specify a banner message that 
    264264displays at the beginning of interactive mode. 
  • docs/pct/pct_optable_guide.pod

    245245course, this fully depends on the specification of your language. Sometimes, 
    246246you need a different rule to define subroutine invocation syntax. This is the 
    247247case when arguments can be other objects than operands of normal operators 
    248 (which, again, are defined by the c<term:> rule). 
     248(which, again, are defined by the C<term:> rule). 
    250250An example to handle indexing (assuming the index is an operand as any other 
    251251operator's operand) is this: